[NEWS] JYJ Objects to KBS’s Switch. “Please Fulfill Your Responsibility to Be Fair.”

JYJ Raises Objection to Its Omission from the Music Bank Chart. “Please Fulfill Your Responsibility to Be Fair.”


On the [lack of] appearance and omission from the rankings of JYJ from KBS 2TV’s Music Bank, the two sides are again in conflict.

JYJ has recently released its first Korean-language album and is gathering a good result from the digital music and album charts. JYJ’s In Heaven has sold 165,000 copies cumulatively on Gaon Chart and the agency’s records show that it has broke 350,000 in total. At this, JYJ fans raised an en-masse objection to the fact that JYJ has been omitted from the KBS 2TV Music Bank Chart.

According to the Korea Communications Commission, Music Bank revealed: “because TV appearances and such by an entertainer who is in the middle of a lawsuit may affect the outcome of the lawsuit, we will examine whether the entertainer may appear or not while keeping tabs on the development of the situation.”

Continuing, it explained: “Currently, apart from the result of the petition for injunctive relief, there are many main suits for instance on the validity of the exclusive contract and damages. There is no change to our position that fundamentally we will postpone the appearance of the entertainer who is in the middle of the lawsuit regardless of the result of the petition for injunctive relief and that we will monitor the situation until the results are finalized.

Music Bank added: “Although the situation keeps changing such as through the release of the regular album and the content of the petition for injunctive relief, the main lawsuit between SM and JYJ is continuing still and the court is still not giving the final decision and so the position taken by the Music Bank staff has no significant changes from before.”

This is a changed position from Music Bank’s position from last May, at which time it replied on the viewers bulletin board to a question that asked the reason for JYJ’s impossibility of appearance: “Currently a legal/lawful decision has been issued. However, because JYJ has not released a regular album, the appearance on TV is difficult. JYJ has not released an official album, e.g., an OST, and so it is not a candidate for charting. If in the future an album is released, under the discussion of the production team of variety programs including Music Bank, whether they can appear or not will be examined.”

At this, JYJ revealed its position: “KBS, as a public/government broadcast station, should have fair standards. But it has posted on the bulletin board content that denies its official answer that made a promise with the public and the media last May. We think this is unfortunate.”

Continuing, JYJ continued: “We have repeatedly informed you of this. JYJ is engaged in a civil lawsuit that re-establishes the human rights of artists with regards to unconscionable/unfair contracts. The court has twice issued the decision that one must ‘guarantee JYJ’s entertainment activities during the duration of the lawsuit.’”

JYJ argued: “If KBS will adhere to this official position, then it shall need to present evidence that it is deciding with the same standard for all entertainers who currently appear on broadcast when deciding whether s/he can appear. If KBS respects the sacred decision of the court, then we think it is right that it fulfill the decision of the court that calls for the guarantee of JYJ’s free engagement in entertainment activities and fulfill its responsibilities as a fair institution.”

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  1. Korean artists should commend JYJ’s bravery in fighting for Korean artists’ rights against SME’s unfair contracts and rally behind them. Seems like JYJ is the only one who has the guts.

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