[TRANS] Chinese Fans Get Ready to Welcome Kim Jaejoong With a Green Ocean

The below is a heartfelt call from the fans of China, reaffirming their dedication to Jaejoong in their preparation to welcome him into their country. The Baidu Hero Jaejoong Bar posted the following in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. We offer the translation below: 


Do you all remember?
Our objective is: “Whether it is a group activity or a solo activity, on everything we trust only Kim Jaejoong and do our very best to support him.”
Right now, it is a solo activity! Kim Jaejoong’s solo activity! Solo Fan Meeting!
Everyone, without fail, shall do their best.

Has this day ever appeared repeatedly in your dreams?
Could this day have ever come?
We trusted, yet we had many worries.
But, as it turned out—a dream could come to life.

This year, when we gave Jaejoong his birthday present, we also gave him a letter.
“We are looking forward to more of your activities, and we will continue to completely support you.
Of course, we are very much looking forward to your solo activities, and everyone is waiting.
Also, we hope that you come to China often. Our love for you is second to no one else’s.
Please come! If you would just come, we will without fail do our best to cheer for you!”

Do you remember?
Last year, in Shanghai, Jaejoong and we made a promise and sealed it!
After the Beijing concert of this year, Jaejoong updated his Twitter and answered back our love!
As we walk together with Jaejoong, we are also growing.
Jaejoong who is pure in the midst of a complicated situation makes us firmer and more united.
This time, let’s make the green shine brighter, more dazzling!
Green Ocean! Only for Kim Jaejoong!

Have you ever said this to yourself?
If Kim Jaejoong would ever again come to China, I’d…
If Kim Jaejoong ever has a solo activity, I’d…
Then, now, your action is…?

Source: Baidu Hero Jaejoong Bar
Secondary Source: DC Inside Kim Jaejoong Gallery 너울너울 님
Translation CreditJYJ3

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