[NEWS] Fans brave the cold to camp out for JYJ’s Barcelona concert


On October 29th, JYJ opened their first concert in Barcelona, which drew a large gathering of fans not just from Spain, but all over Europe.

While it’s amazing that fans flew in from all parts of the continent to catch the concert, what’s more surprising is that they’ve been camping out in front of the ticket booth since the day before.

European fans explained, “Who knows when we might be able to see the members again?”As such, fans waited out in the streets for 28 hours in hopes of landing a front row seat.

Some set up tents to help stand the cold, while others laid out their presents (like a special soccer jersey for Junsu) before walking back to their hotels.

Fans commented, “Very amazing, didn’t think the power of Hallyu was this strong,” “Please do well in Europe,” and “I’m really proud of them.”


Source + Photos: E News 24 via Nate
Translated credit: Allkpop
Shared by: JYJ3

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