[TRANS] 111220 Conflicts between JYJ and SM mentioned in a year-end report article on music industry

In addition, critics mentioned symbolic existences and events that are worthy of attention. Mr. Na Dohwon criticized conflicts between JYJ who were separated from TVXQ and their former agency SM by saying “Dark sides of Korean-style idol management agencies that lead K-pop Hallyu were exposed.” He also criticized, “(measures taken to limit JYJ’s TV appearances) confirmed patterns of alliances between a certain management agency and national broadcasting companies.

(Unrelated parts omitted)

[T/N: Na Dohwon is a pop music critic. This article was written based on multiple music critics’ evaluation of K-pop, 2011.]

Source: 한겨레 via Nate
Translation by: MuggleAjumma of JYJ3
Shared byJYJ3
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