[NEWS] 120106 JYJ in Chile: Madness unleashed for the sale of tickets

Written by:  Joyce del Campo 
Photo by: Felipe Miranda/Nación.cl

An endless line is extended  this Friday outside of ” Eurocentro”. They are fans of JYJ, a Korean pop group that on March 9th at 8:00pm will have a concert at the theater “Caupolicán” on their first visit to Chile and Latin America. Kids of 10 years old and teen girls from 15 to 25 years old are what you could find in the “Paseo Ahumada”, hoping that the line moved to purchase their ticket, exclusively at the store Anime Center.

Most of the people who were there are fans of JYJ for more than 6 years. Talking with Nacion.cl they say to admire JYJ’s style of music, the harmony of their voices, their personalities and the lyrics of their songs. And also they confess: “The members are very handsome.”

JYJ is a pop group from South Korea comprised of Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu, ex-members of the recognized group DONG BANG SHIN KI or simply known as TVXQ, a success in Asia.


Bookings from abroad, camping from early in the morning outside the building Eurocentro, crying, screaming and hysteria  is what the news has caused among the Chilean fans [upon learning about] JYJ’s visit for the presentation of their album ”The Beginning”.

“I love their music,  they are too great. They make me very happy and since I’ve known them, they have helped me. Their  music reaches far and I feel that they are always there supporting me in everything, ” tearfully tells Eliana, 24 years old, after obtaining her ticket.

Such commotion has caused among the fans of the arrival of JYJ to Chile that it has opened a special reserve for foreigners. And it’s been a success: to date, “There are 30 reserves fromVenezuela,”  they say.

The ones responsible/the promoters

Noix productions is responsible for bringing the band to Chile. Gonzalo Garcia, director of the company, says that there are 4000 tickets available, ranging from 20,000 to 70,000 Chilean pesos.

Garcia says that the tickets will be sold out quickly because “In our country there are many fans of JYJ because they aren’t only singers  but also they are also actors” Jaejoong won the award for New Star in the ”2011 SBS Drama Awards” and Yuchun won an award in ”MBC Drama Awards”.

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Source:  lanacion.cl
Translation Credits: JYJ3
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