[TRANS] 120106 ] JYJ received The Best Idol Star award of KBS Best Icon Awards on January 6, 2012

KBS conducted a poll among netizens on KBS’s website at the end of last year, a poll that summarized the entertainment industry in 2011. The poll was on four divisions including ‘The Best Idol Star’ that made 2011 sparkle. [T/N: awards in unrelated divisions omitted]

As a result, ‘JYJ’ was selected as The Best Idol Star of 2011. JYJ was chosen to be the award recipient with 58,357 votes. Of course the meaningful award [T/N: Literal translation of ‘award’ is authentication certificate] has to be given to the first place winner! So I contacted JYJ during the holidays. It wasn’t easy to meet with all three members (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, Kim Junsu) at the same time and give them the award during the holidays. So when the new year came, I contacted them again and ran to Kangnam yesterday. It turned out that there was a photo shoot at a so-and-so studio in NonHyun-Dong in KangNam.

When [I] read news on my smart phone on the way to the studio, recent news about JYJ was all regarding their solo concerts in Chile and Peru. This is the first ever solo concert by Hallyu stars in South America. Congrats!

The CF was in the midst of shooting at the studio. Three members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu were busy working with a few staffers – managers, stylists and coordinators. [T/N: Literal translation is fashionist.] Putting makeup on, putting stage make up on, getting dressed and looking at the mirror….. Even when busy working, [JYJ] are still laughing and chatting away, it seems like they enjoy working.

Gathered in a small dressing in the studio, the award delivery ceremony was held in a hurry. Three members seemed like they were filled with deep emotions about the award with the KBS logo. [JYJ] said in awe, “This is the first time to receive something like this from KBS.”

First Kim Jaejoong expressed his gratitude. “It’s more meaningful since KBS’s netizen viewers chose [JYJ] for the award, and we feel really great.” Park Yuchun said while squirming his body, “I don’t know what to do [T/N: Literal translation was ‘I don’t know where to put my body.’] because we still need to improve a lot.” Kim Junsu added significant thoughts. “It’s been a while since we debuted….. There are other idols, so we thank that [we] can still be referred to as idols.”

Then carefree conversations among three members. “If we receive this award when we pass the age of 50…. this will be the most valuable award. I think this is a valuable award at this moment, too.”

Someone next to them said, “(by then we’d be) spoiled, too” about ‘when we pass the age of 50.’ [T/N: 쉰 (pronounced sheen) that means spoiled sounds the same as 50.] and a roar of laughter went up. Kim Junsu straightens things out in a hurry. “Thank you. We’ll try to become JYJ to stay lively, not change and show you our hard work until then.”

Drinking herbal tonics..The middle is JYJ’s team leader Mr. Jang

‘Herbal tonics’ as an additional prize delivered. I’ve never seen the case where [someone] unwrapped and drank herbal tonics on the spot. Anyhow, ‘Best Idol Star award of Best Icon’ that netizens chose themselves was delivered, and the fact that real ‘herbal tonics’ were inside [the bag] was confirmed.

I wish for the Dae Bak success of JYJ’s South America concerts, and I wish that JYJ will be ‘idol stars of a thousand years’ that, past the age of 50 and even older, will age happily with fans.

Oh by the way, I uploaded a picture of the photo shoot on TV Exclusive’s twitter account..I was able to verify global JYJ fans’ passion.*

@kbs_exclusive << TV특종 >>에서 JYJ 자주 봤으면…

* The reporter provided a capture of all the mentions KBS’s tweet received. You can view them at the source below.

Translation by: MuggleAjumma of JYJ3
Shared byJYJ3
Please do not add to, alter, or remove the credits.


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