[NEWS] 120108 Jaejoong’s Photos Bring Laughter to Netizens


On January 7th, Jaejoong posted on Twitter, “If you want to get younger, you should take lots of selcas**,” along with a photo of himself sticking out his tongue and slightly biting it.

Later, he also posted, “I uploaded this because it’s very funny. I hope that I can keep posting photos like this in the future,” along with a different photo. This photo revealed Jaejoong with marker drawings on his face while Park Yoochun is seen in the background holding a marker and with a chic look on his face. Junsu’s face was slightly blurred out but the fact that Yoochun was trying to cover his smile brought attention to him.


Netizens stated, “This is really great,” “They look great even when their image is ruined,” “These mischievous people,” along with other warm responses.

** Alt. translation: If I’ll be getting any younger, I’ll selca even more~~^^ 

Source: Nate + Koreaboo
Shared by: JYJ3

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