[NEWS] 120109 Korean Group shipped 1,500 tickets and uncovers the phenomenon of K-Pop in Chile


Not only Justin Bieber fans flocked to buy tickets. These days the same thing was done by fans of JYJ, who will offer the first Korean concert in Chile, On March 9th.


SANTIAGO.- There are several types of phenomenon: For one side are those who invade radios, crowds and sold out tickets in a couple of days, as happened in Chile with Marc Anthony in 2008 or Bieber Justin in 2011, to cite just two examples.

But there are others that are grown outside the visible scope, and whose bursting allowed to discover the existence of a sustained movement, massive and, above all, very faithful.

This is what happens these days with the  Korean band JYJ, who announced its debut in Chile for March 9th at the Teatro Caupolican. This news allowed to reveal the impact that has in Chile the Pop manufactured in Korea, known as K-Pop.

With a range that goes from dance to R&B, the sound of many of these groups did not differ significantly from many other boy bands, but no doubt the Eastern factory delivers unique and distinctive factor.

The effect then is stronger in K-Pop fans, who also tend to be consumers of anime and other elements of pop culture in Asia, with a fascination and loyalty so marked, allowing them to identify all the factors that is associated with an urban tribe

Therefore, the same scenes that were on the first day of ticket sales for the last show of Justin Bieber were found this Friday on the Outside of “Eurocentro”, where hundreds of fans flocked to ensure obtaining a JYJ’s concert ticket.

In total there are more than 1,500 tickets being shipped within two days, with values ​​ranging from 20,000 to 70,000 Chilean pesos.

JYJ is a trio of singers comprised by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, who began their activities in the most representative group of KPOP, TVXQ. They left their management suing them and started working with figures like Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins. With them recorded their debut album “The Beginning”, which extracted the single “Ayy Girl”.


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Photo Credit: Noix
Translation by:  JYJ3
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