[VIDEO + TRANS] 120109 JYJ 2011 KBS Best Icon Award

Jaejoong: “Thank you everyone so much for selecting JYJ as 2011′s ‘Best Icon’. We heard that the award was given to us thanks to the many KBS viewers and netizens who voted for us, which makes this award that much more meaningful and we are thrilled to receive it.”

Micky: “Im so grateful that we received this award, despite being lacking in so many ways. I don’t know what to do myself.”

Jaejoong: “You really don’t know what to do with yourself?”

Micky: “Yeah, I really don’t.”

Jaejoong: “What about you, Junsu?”

Junsu: “The fact that we are still considered ‘idol stars’ alone is enough for me. I’m so very thankful.”

Micky: “And even if we grow to be 50… ?”

Junsu: “If we receive this award when we are 50 years old, it will be more prized than any other award that we could ever possibly receive.”

Jaejoong: “We will probably be a little rusty then, won’t we?”

Micky: “(Laughs) Thank You.”

Jaejoong: “Well until then, we promise not to ever change and will continue to work hard as always. Please continue to support and love us until the very end. Thank You.”

Video credit: shishi6002
Translation byallkpop
Shared by: JYJ3

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