[INFO + PICS] 120112 JYJ in Peru: Super VIP Tickets for JYJ Concert are Sold Out! (Updated!)


[INFO] Noizu Producciones Updates about JYJ’s Concert in Peru


[TRANS] Very Important!!!!….. Due to the rapid sale of tickets, we are expanding to Lima over 300 tickets (T/N: Originally it was scheduled to start selling 600 In Heaven tickets. However, it was extended to 300 for the city of Lima, Total = 900 In Heaven tickets or Super VIP) for the area In Heaven , hopefully no one is left without tickets, good luck guys.


[TRANS] At 10:32 a.m. In Heaven tickets are sold out, thank you very much everyone (T/N: Ticket sales began at 10 am, So it seems like in 32 minutes they sold out In Heaven Tickets ^__^)

[TRANS] VIP Zone (Be My Girl) at 40% Good Work Guys ,,, I hope that nobody is left without tickets

UPDATE —> [TRANS] 12:50pm – Nearly 3 hours, 50% of total tickets are sold, for those wondering if there are still VIP tickets, there are still 30%….

T/N: Read More about Ticket prices and seating categories for JYJ Concert in Peru Here,

Total Tickets on Sale for JYJ’s Concert in Peru = 5000
In Heaven Tickets (SUPER VIP) SOLD OUT = 900 tickets
Be My Girl (VIP) Currently SOLD 40% 70%

[PICS] Peruvian Fans camping out to buy tickets


SourceNoizu Producciones + @JYJPeruFC
Translation by: JYJ3
Shared byJYJ3
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