[SCANS] Jaejoong in Indonesia’s ‘My IDOL’ magazine, Dec 2011/Jan 2012 edition


Page 86: Talks about how Jaejoong is said to be always gentle and goes on to introduce readers to Jaejoong’s experiences acting in Sunao ni NarenakuteHeaven’s Postman, and Protect the Boss.


Page 87: (Tidak Ambisi) Jaejoong says that he’s not ambitious to win the Newcomer Award and talks about how he’s acted in previous projects in the past but since Protect the Boss is his first domestic drama, he felt more worries and stress for his acting outcome.

(Berbagi Tempat) Recalls the time when Jaejoong and Ji Sung went to MT (membership training) and the weather was so hot, they slept in their underwear. But rather than feeling embarrassed afterward, this experience made the two of them become close friends.

(Tidak Puas) Since Jaejoong is a perfectionist, he feels that his acting needs improvement.

There is also a small article about Jaejoong’s role in PtB as Cha Muwon, the financial prince who is gentle and polite wherever he is.

At the bottom, the magazine talks about HEROSE, Jaejoong’s fanclub that received lots of attention due to their charity work on behalf of Jaejoong.


Source: My IDOL magazine, Edition 90/VII (Dec. 2011 to Jan. 2012)
Scans and summary by: @lelymsiregar
Shared byJYJ3

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