[TRANS] 120112 Not Justin Bieber not Miley Cyrus: Korean band broke ticket sales record in Peru

JYJ, a young popular K-pop band, sold out half of their concert tickets in just half hour.

2nd photo: JYJ’s fans with tickets in their hands; 3rd photo: Thousands of youths went to buy their tickets today

Probably, when reading the title of this article, you’re unaware of these two things: who is JYJ and what is this genre called K-pop that they are representing. They’re not heard on local radios or seen on networks like MTV and they don’t have albums for sale in Peru. [Despite all this] Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, three South Koreans with almost unpronounceable names just set a record in our country. In just 30 minutes, thousands of fans purchased half the tickets to their show that will be held at the esplanade in Monumental Stadium on March 11th.

As reported by Carlos Huamán, one of the promoters for the event, two seating zones for the concert were completely sold out today, the first day of sales.

It’s predicted that JYJ’s concert will have a total of 10 thousand in attendance [T/N: this part is inaccurate; there are 5000 tickets total for JYJ’s Peru concert] and will be a historic event for those who like K-pop, a genre that is very popular throughout Asia.

It should be noted, members of the group will arrive in Lima on March 10th and will leave right after their performance.

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