120114 Jaejoong Twitter Update

[TRANS] Today has been really fun. (T.T)

[TRANS] This is today’s selca and.. I look a bit old.. I confidently said “we’re still alive” but… I think I would need careful management (of my looks)! Today was so fun.^^ Today was really very fun (^-^)/ pic.twitter.com/DSS6Ke3p

[TRANS] Ppyong!! pic.twitter.com/fcUSLzBO

[TRANS] I received this much gifts… Thank you very much to those burlap sacks.. If I don’t get to open them all up I should live like this..ㅠ (T/N: Let the sacks line up like that) i’ll open them up and show you proof ^^ pic.twitter.com/utVfLrvS

Credit: @joejjang
Shared by PrinceJJ

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