[TRANS] 120114 Compilation of JYJ Lotte Fanmeeting Tweets

This is a compilation of various tweets from Japanese fans about the JYJ Lotte Fanmeeting. It is not in any specific order.


JS: I want to release Japanese CD in Japan.

YC:I want to be the top in Oricon ranking.

A fan said “I can see JJ’s Tattto through his thin T-shirt!!”

JS sang a part of “Wasurenaide”.

JS used the difficult word “Hairyo” (Japanese. it means consideration or care), so fans were clapping.

Looking aroung the venue which has 1700 fans, JS said “There are some I’ve seen before.” YC&JJ was like “Liar!””How many?” JS was like “12″

YC/JJ romped to listen to JS’s greeting. They teased JS like “JS sounds ‘tsu’ wrongly!” then”TA・CHI・TSU・TE・TO! NA・NI・NU・NE・NO! WA・WO・N!” JS looked bossy. (T/N what JS said is Jap syllables.)

YC was at a loss at Twitter calls from fans. Soon JJ touched YC’s hair as saying “TSUITA ?” (T/N: stick/attach, and it sounds similarly to twitter). JJ said “not so funny” looking embarrassed. JS was like”It was funny!”

[On the South America Tour] JJ:As 3 of us and individually, this is the 1st time I think. We can’t tell how many fans there would be. But I think if we try hard, then there would be something.” he said something like this.

They said about JJ winning as “the sexiest guy in the world” by votes somewhere in S.America. He hid his chest for some reason. “Sek, sexy?” YC said he is happy to have such JJ as a member.

Jaejoong said, “Although we are older than other artists, we could still use it” and Yoochun immediately asked, “Use what?”. The confused Jaejoong said, “No, ‘to use’ has a lot of meanings. It’s not that meaning!” Then Jaejoong gave Yoochun a counterattack by saying, “But Yoochun isn’t using it”, and Yoochun kind of pushes Jaejoong’s back saying, “Don’t say things like that~”

YC: for me, the only time to read Japanese is One Piece (Japanese famous Manga)

The presenter ask Junsu “plz introduce Elizabeth in Japanese”, and he was confused. JJ helped JS!! JJ introduced Elizabeth in Japanese.

JJ met with Jisung about 10 times after finishing their drama.

Jisung’s apartment is 10 seconds from YC’s home.

JS:I visited the Picasso Museum, but I couldn’t understand at all. I can draw better! YC:Pikatyu~! (Japanese Animation, “Pocket Monster”)

JS:Picasso’s art is the same as my art in 6th grade.

At the story of Junho having won the 3rd at Oricon,YC&JJ got surprised sying they didnt know it. YC&JJ: Why didnt you tell us? JS: Coz i havent met you lately…YC&JJ:We met yesterday! JS:…I just forgot!

When asked how European fans differed, YC&JS said their response & mood to the rhythm. While JJ said “languages and color of faces” “black, white, yellow? bulaun (Japnglish)? brown? He seemed liking brown with no reason.

JYJ was reading a letter to fans. Their letter was written in Korean, so Japanese subtitles were provided.

JYJ sang “W” n JJ sang “Itsudatte Kimini”

Presents: YC-> jacket JJ-> bracelet JS-> sweater

YC’s surprise event to JS n JJ!!  Everybody sing birthday song~

Hug time: JS hugged and patted the fan on the head; YC hugged and lifted the fan off the floor; JJ: back hug.  When JS hugged the 1st fan,he patted her head and said “Ive been feeling lonely lately.’ muttering weakly.



YC’s solo is “the empty space for you”; JJ solo : I’ll Protect you ; JS solo : You’re Beautiful

JJ’s last words: ” i dont wanna say good bye. see you again.”

YC’s last words: :I tried hard to speak Japanese.

JJ&YC said to fans: “Its cold, go home carefully”.

JS’s last words: “I Love you!!”

Source: various twitter accounts
Photos: chaconne + manmaru + megwu0312
Translated by: ayano_jyj + @858bati +linhkawaii @ ONETVXQ.com
Shared by: JYJ3

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