[NEWS] 120116 Will Park Yoochun – Moon Chaewon of “Rooftop Prince” become the second So Jisub – Sung Yuri?

Attention is gathering with regards to if Park Yoochun and Moon Chaewon will become a couple in Rooftop Prince. Park Yoochun and Moon Chaewon were offered, and are positively considering, their respective roles in SBS’s new drama Rooftop Prince. The drama is about the time leap between Joseon Dynasty and the modern times.

An official of Rooftop Prince said, “Hallyu star Park Yoochun’s acting skills were recognized through historical drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal and melodrama Miss Ripley. This character that travels from Joseon Dynasty into the modern times should be backed up by his acting skills. The leading actress Moon Chaewon who had a very enthusiastic year with movie The Bow and drama The Princess’ Man is on the rise. We’re in close discussions with Moon Chaewon’s side.”

Rooftop Prince is said to be the second  Thousand Years of Love, which attracts attention of broadcasters. In 2003, Thousand Years of Love gathered sensational popularity and released Sung Yuri from the “Idol-born actor” label. Rooftop Prince will be directed by Shin Yoon-seob PD of KAISTLove in Heaven and Lovers. The drama is scheduled to be aired from 14th March after Take Care of Us, Captain.

The Crown Prince loses his wife and leaps over 300 years to Seoul in 21st Century. He falls in love with a person who looks like his wife in the past life, which forms a fantasy romance. The drama’s casting will be confirmed soon.

Source: enews24 via Nate
Translation by: The_Little_Pear of JYJ3
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