[TRANS] Junsu’s letter to fans at Lotte Fanmeeting


To be able to overcome so many difficulties, and to successfully complete our world tour, all of these are thanks to everyone of you. Although I do also think that it’s a miracle that we’ve made it up till here, but we won’t just stop here, and continue to venture out to find a bigger world out there. To me, I think that something like that is the best return gift that JYJ can give to the fans.

Today I’m happy meeting everyone, and also being able to share a happy memory with you. All of your smiles will form my smile, and if you’re happy, it becomes JYJ’s motivating force. Although this moment together now is ending, please treasure the memory of today until our next meeting. We will also treasure this moment preciously, and do our best so that we can return your love.

I would like to give my thanks to all of you who travelled from so far to come and see JYJ today. I’m always happy that all of our precious fans are together with us.

And I love you.

Credit: ohmyjun.com
Translated and shared byWithJunsu

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