[TWITTER] 120117 Jaejoong’s sisters spending time at his house

[TRANS] now i’m at jjoong’s house… yesterday jjoong received presents. i’m here with the 6th sister to tidy up his house. now jjoong (is preparing) delicious steak haha

[TRANS] joongie… cute~~~ noonas are cleaning and jjoong… is cooking. he’s really good at cooking haha. jjoong ah… i’m envious.. this time… it’s live* haha

[TRANS] hahaha jjoong ah.. noona.. is really proud of you hahaha. how do you manage to make the kimchi so beautifully??? you really~~~ do much better than noona~~~

[TRANS] ah… this.. is jjoong’s hand. jjoong ah.. noona just wants the steak…

[TRANS] haha. currently trying hard (to copy jae) noonas are playing.. ha.. it’s this pose right?? hahaha

[TRANS] hahaha this.. is the pregnant 6th sister haha

[TRANS] the photos i just uploaded are of me.. haha… the next photo is the 6th sister haha

[TRANS] haha. the photo jjoong posted yesterday… saw the costume when we were cleaning.. so we took a picture with the same pose.. yesterday it was jjoong that’s right. today it’s us noonas ..

Credit: @shie486
Translated by: white_faith | Shared by: PrinceJJ
Please do not alter the credits.

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