[NEWS] 120116 Athlete Kim Haejin’s Favorite Idol is Kim Junsu

Note: Kim Haejin (born April 23, 1997) is a South Korean figure skater. More about her here

Favorite idol: ‘Xiah Junsu’

Even though she was crowned Champion of South Korea for three consecutive years, Kim Haejin is still a normal schoolgirl who likes an idol. Her most favorite idol is Xiah Junsu of the famous group JYJ. She will go to watch Xiah Junsu’s musical in March.

“I will go to watch musical with my friend, Ho-jeong, in March. We both like Xiah Junsu.” (smile)

(Unrelated parts omitted)

Source:  Sports Naver
Translation by: The_little_Pear of JYJ3
Shared byJYJ3
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