[NEWS] 120117 Kim Junsu from JYJ, ‘Being In Elisabeth Was Decided Without Hesitation’

Feelings have emerged of JYJ Kim Junsu’s casting in the musical “Elisabeth”.

On the afternoon of January 17th in downtown Seoul at the Namusan Production Center, the rehearsal of the musical “Elisabeth” was released with Kim Junsu’s comment, “It is an honor to best cast in this musical with such amazing artists.”

Junsu commented, “Without even realizing, it has become my third time being cast in a musical. Still being in a position of having yet to learn, it is a great honor to be able to act amongst such great artists, and to be a part of the creation of this production. I think this will give me the opportunity to learn a lot from my seniors, and just the chance to appear in this production is an honor.”

Furthermore with Sylvester Levay as the music composer (also from the musical “Mozart”) Junsu decided to be in this production without hesitation. “I will work hard for the role I was entrusted with,” Junsu stated.

On another note, the musical “Elisabeth” depicts the dramatic life of Elisabeth, the empress of Austria. The musical will begin on February 9th at the Blue Square Samsung Electronics Hall.

Source: kstarnews.jp
Trans + Shared by: sharingyoochun.net
Shared byJYJ3

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