[Fan Projects] DNBN sends Lunar New Year gifts to radio stations, asking for their continued support of JYJ

DNBN, a Korean JYJ fansite, sent gifts to the radio stations of broadcasting companies (SBS, MBC, KBS), and asked for their continued support for JYJ.

For the program staff:

– IH special edition & black ver. for PD, script-writers & DJ
– IH black ver. for staff
– Duteopttoek (steamed rice cake coated with honeyed red beans) and chaltteok (glutinous rice cake), homemade cookies, tarts, scones.
– Cake (with JYJ’s chibi), sandwich, TiO, Ottogi cup noddle
– Eco-cup ‘Just do your Job’

For the DJ staff:

– Chaltteok, seolki (another kind of steamed rice cake), duteoptteok, ggultteol (rice cake covered with honey), homemade muffins, cookies, tarts.

Translation by: The_Little_Pear of JYJ3
Shared byJYJ3

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