[INFO] 2012 JYJ South American Tour – How to buy tickets for JYJ’s Concert in Chile?

To Foreign Fans – How to buy tickets for JYJ Concert in Chile:

0. You need to send a mail to reserve your ticket

The Mail reservation is JYJ-tickets@noix.cl We remind you that it is JUST A RESERVATION! Sending mail does not mean that you have been granted an entry, nor the location of either VIP, CANCHA or GENERAL. (JYJ3 Note: Please remember that VIP Tickets are SOLD OUT Link)

Also you need to send in the mail the following information:

ID (national ID number) or passport number:

We also want to know if you need help with the HOTEL, TRANSPORTATION and PLANE TICKETS, because it’s possible that If many people are traveling we can offer a discounted pack required for those applying.

Once we receive all the mails with the corresponding reservations, we will contacting one by one the fans wishing to attend this show. Please be patient! This may take a couple of days, and remember that at the weekend we aren’t working.

After that the system is very easy:

1 .- You send the money via SENDING MONEY THROUGH WESTER UNION (www.westernunion.com/)

The system of payment will be only through SENDING MONEY THROUGH WESTER UNION (www.westernunion.com/) So everyone can buy their tickets without having to use credit cards.

2 .- They will give you a code
3 .- You need to send NoiX the code
4 .- NoiX will confirm the deposit
5 .- NoiX will send you an email with a VIRTUAL TICKET
6 .- You need to print it (VIRTUAL TICKET)
7 .- The day of the show you present the Virtual Ticket at the ticket office campus
8 .- You get your ticket to the show.

We can’t implement service PAY PAL or INTERNATIONAL CREDIT CARDS,  because Noix is a producer, not a company selling tickets to the possibility of implementing a system of card sale.

We hope this statement leaves all of you satisfied and we will work for you.

A hug!

Source: NoiX Producciones + Facebook
Translated and Shared by: JYJ3

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