[TRANS] 120121 Announcement from Noizu Productions (JYJ Peru Concert Promoter) About Non-JYJ related Materials and Projects



It’s a shame to hear and read comments that those going to the concert will scream and carry banners of other bands that have nothing to do with the concert the commenters are going to see. I believe that we’ve come a long way and this is the only thing that could make us leave a bad impression on them [T/N: By “them” Noizu could be referring to JYJ and/or international fandom as a whole]. As of today, we’ve received great comments from all parts of the world, talking about how this concert is a success without having given the show. Peru is [being talked about] everywhere, we’re a place for all KPOP artists and what we’re doing is overturning all the advances we’ve made when we make these types of comments. I believe that no artist would like it when they hear the screaming of names of bands that have nothing to do with the concert you will attend.

Is this how you’ll request for autographs?? Fanmeeting?? What you’re accomplishing with this act, it’s better if they just left after performing, without even telling when they’ll arrive at the airport, because we don’t know how they will react with they’re met with other’s banners and the screaming of names of another group?…

We should begin to behave better, if there’s no peace, we will get nowhere.

We hope this [behavior] will stay here, you must remember that this event will be recorded and filmed for them.


Source: Noizu Producciones Facebook
Translated and shared by: JYJ3

Please do not add to, alter, or remove the credits.

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