[NEWS] 120121 JYJ’s Popularity in Peru Continues to Grow


Due to the explosive sales of JYJ in Peru concert tickets – which has broken sales records that, to date, neither Justin Bieber nor Miley Cyrus has been able to beat – many people who are not following Hallyu have started to ask who are these three young men with this much popularity and charisma?

As a result, it’s not just the ordinary and common masses that have raised questions about this but also the most important and influential medias in Peru.

As an example of this, one of the country’s most important newspapers “El Comercio”, has dedicated a note in one of their pages’ most popular sections called “Luces” (Lights), where they report on everything related to the world of entertainment.

As shown below, TPF, a TVXQ fan club in Peru and a member of the Union of JYJ Fan Clubs, one of El Comercio’s journalists contacted a member of the Union to arrange an interview about their projects. The long awaited article will appear in the newspaper’s Sunday edition this January 22nd.



Hi ladies :)

We have confirmed that one of the Fan Clubs that is in the Union of JYJ Fan Clubs, a reporter for El Comercio newspaper’s “Luces” section has sent them a message asking about JYJ fans in Peru, and they have already responded offering information and data about the Union in order to show others how we fans are organized.

The main fact is that we will be published this Sunday the 22nd, so stay tuned to read info about JYJ in one of Peru’s most important newspapers ^___^!!!!

PhotobucketLa sección Luces del Diario el Comercio es una de las mas leídas a nivel nacional

[TRANS] El Comercio Newspaper’s “Luces” (Lights) section is one of the most read on the national level

Moreover, many local media have also fallen for K-pop’s great popularity in Peru, and because of this, one of the most important broadcast television channels such as“Frecuencia Latina” (Latina Frecuency), has prepared a report that will air this Sunday in primetime on news program “Punto Final” (Final Point). This was confirmed byNoizu Productions, the same producers responsible for JYJ’s concert in Peru.


[TRANS]  Please, you must truthfully answer the survey… Do not forget that on Sunday 8:00pm on “Punto Final” (Channel 2), there will be a report of the March 11th concert.

Punto Final es uno de los programas dominicales mas vistos de Perú

[TRANS] “Punto Final” is one of Peru’s most watched Sunday programs.

The fans are very excited and anticipatory about this great news because they know that millions of Peruvians will be able to see their beloved idols in both print and national television.

Do not forget that we have an appointment this Sunday, January 22nd, to watch “Punto Final” at 8:00pm on Frecuencia Latina (Channel 2 in Peru), which will report on the upcoming JYJ concert in Peru. For those living outside of Peru, you can view this channel if your cable company carries it.

In addition, what do you think you’ll find in El Comercio’s article about JYJ? Are you excited?

Source: Spanish Soompi
Translated and Shared by: JYJ3

 Please do not add to, alter, or remove the credits.

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