[AUDIO + TRANS] 120121 JYJ’s Special in Peruvian Radio “Cooltura Pop”


Radio Announcer: Welcome again to “Pop Culture (T/N: Name of the radio program)”  we follow here with “Boca Negra” a national group and then comes a surprise from a far away country.

♪  Boca Negra ♪

(At 03:50)

Radio Announcer:  Adam Did you know what is it KPOP?

Adam: KPOP?? Well You are always asking me interesting things, Teach us

Radio Announcer:  I’m going to teach you *laughs*

Kpop, I mean Korean Pop. There is a fever that has sparked among adolescents. One highly representative band is coming to Peru. They are going to perform on March 11th at the “Explanada del Monumental Sur” They are called JYJ…..J…Y…J….We are going to make an special because they are definitely one band that captivates and generates a fever in adolescents, To all of them we start the Special this way:

♪  Mission ♪

Radio Announcer: This song is “Mission”. What did you think of this, my dear Adam?

Adam: I’m surprised….I think I’m gonna like this Special

Radio Announcer: You are gonna be one more of the persons who camped to assist on March 11 at the “Explanada del Monumental”. We follow the special with “Be The One”

♪ Be The One♪

Radio Announcer: We hope you are enjoying of JYJ. We follow the special and something I want to say is that we are broadcasting the music of this group exclusively, there isn’t any radio broadcasting these themes and I’m very surprised to know that almost all the tickets have been sold, It’s a phenomenon by internet .

Adam: Well this is something that will happens here, because our program consist in broadcast music that isn’t broadcasting in other radios, the exclusively you are going to find it here in “Pop Culture”

Radio Announcer: We follow the program to finish with “Empty”. I hope you like it. On March 11th they are going to perform at the “Explanada del Monumental”thanks to Noizu Producciones (Promotor). We close this special with “Empty”

♪ Empty♪

Radio Announcer:  This was JYJ. We hope the whole fan club of JYJ listen “Pop Culture” from now on *laughs*

Source: peruimagenvideos, Cooltura POP FB
Translated and Shared byJYJ3

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