[NEWS] 120123 Park Yoohwan on Yoochun and JYJ: ‘I Get Goosebumps Whenever I See JYJ on Stage’

tvN enews’s new feature ‘Star’s Resúme’ that made a debut on Dec. 16 last year revealed information about the hottest new actor at the moment – Park Yoohwan.

Before his debut, the public knew him as JYJ’s Park Yoochun’s ‘handsome younger brother’. Park Yoochun’s halo effect or Yoohwan’s good acting as ‘Nuna Babo’ Moon Kwon in the recent concluded drama ‘A Thousand Days’ Promise’ caused Yoohwan to be seen as an indisputable actor.

In particular, the revelation of Yoohwan’s handwritten resúme garnered attention. Firstly, it revealed details from his body size to the recognition of his height by interviewers. Without insoles, Yoohwan stood beside someone from the panel with a height of 177cm. Yoohwan’s height was proven to be 177cm.

When asked if he received any preferential treatment since his brother is a singer, he responded frankly by asking, “Shouldn’t I receive more attention since my brother is a top star?” When asked if he received any acting advice, Yoohwan explained that Yoochun monitors his acting on screen meticulously and gives him many advices on social life.

When asked what is Yoochun’s flaw, Yoohwan said, “His only flaw is his deep attachment to me. I want to expose everything but there is really nothing to say.” In addition, he said, “When I went to [JYJ’s] concert and saw my brother, I really got goosebumps. When I saw him on stage, I thought, ‘My brother is such a cool person’. I didn’t realize it usually,” showing his respect for Yoochun.

Besides this, the broadcast revealed various information about Yoohwan such as his charm is his dimple, his favorite girl group member is HyunA and his first love experience in America.

Update: The Korean article said “Yoochun” in the last paragraph but the video clearly shows it’s Yoohwan. We’ve corrected the article just now, sorry for the confusion.

Source: enews24 via Nate
Translation by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared byJYJ3
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