[TRANS] What Happened at the Open Rehearsal for ‘Elisabeth’?

Oddly, the day of the open rehearsal for the musical ‘Elisabeth’ fell on Janurary 17thwhich was the same as Jo Seung Woo’s open rehearsal for ‘Doctor Zhivago’ on the 17th last month. The chat among four surprised female reporters on the opening day will be revealed now.

Kim Ho Gyung (Kim) reporter: How is the open rehearsal for ‘Elisabeth’?

Song Hyun Ji (Song) reporter: There is about two to three weeks to the opening of ‘Elisabeth’ right? The turntable and stagelift used has been moved to the practice room. As the stagelift will be used frequently, the staff has explained its use. We were surprised that it has already been used for practice on the stage. We hope that this work of art will achieve perfection.

Kim: Kim Junsu is a renowned actor.

Song: You are right. Honestly, I have a prejudice against idols casting in musicals so I was very concerned. However, Junsu showed a different side and it was evident that he had a lot of practice. In addition, he showed his passionate side even thought it is not easy to show many scenes in a practice room. He is a person who I really want to praise.

Lee Gyung Min reporter: Anyway, I am also curious about the acting capabilities of the protagonist and the actresses.

Song: I have not watched the musical and have only watched the open rehearsal. So, honestly speaking, I don’t really know. I only think that it is a rediscovery of Kim Junsu.

An Ju Hyung reporter: I heard that there are no more tickets for Kim Junsu’s shows. Even the tickets available in the black market have been sold.

Kim: I heard that even the director for Junsu’s previous musical “Mozart!” had to stand at the back to watch it. Haha!

Song: Last year, I also went to cover the Daegu Musical Festival. His ticket power is really incredible.


Translation by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared byJYJ3
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