[NEWS] 120226 Junsu mentioned in K Star Magazine

Jang Kyung-Jin: I ran to an unexpected place. I was not particularly curious or greatly anticipating the person. However, the Kim Junsu whom appeared in front of him was more charismatic than what I had expected. Most of his charms came from his eyes that cause hearts to flutter, his bright laughter that really sounds like ‘eu kyang kyang kyang’ and an optimistic mind. Also, thanks to Mr. Positive’s gospels, I was able to remember one by one the things that I had forgotten. I will not forget working in tears and the feather that flew by itself.

T/N: Jang Kyung-Jin is a South Korean soccer player in Gwangju FC.

Choi Ji-Eun:

Thanks to the voice that raised a tone whenever he talked about the things that he likes and is infinitely earnest about such as musical, music, dance, soccer, racing and the JYJ members, I enjoyed the interview with Kim Junsu more than I anticipated it. “What do you Euro 2012 will be like?” I asked him while he hurried for his next schedule. He had yet to put on his clothes and he stuck half of his body out of the dressing room. Seriously troubled by the question, he shouted, “Erm… Spain!”. The winning smile that he gave after answering the difficult questions still revealed the attitude of a boy. That is his real charm.

T/N: Choi Ji-Eun is a 10asia reporter who previously interviewed Junsu.

Credit: K Star Magazine+ @withxiah
Translated by:  Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 

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