THE BEGINNING: The JYJ Philippines First Fan Gathering



THE BEGINNING: The JYJ Philippines First Fan Gathering


2012.04.21 | 1-4 PM
41st Floor Columbus Hall, Discovery Suites,
25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City


+ Get to know other JYJ Lovers
+ Join games and contests
+ Win awesome prizes and freebies
+ Video screening
+ Chill and have fun
+ And other exciting surprises!



For more information, visit:

Shared by: JYJPH


  1. maybe i’m attending coz i’m still not sure if kelan kmi pupunta sa manila… i think there’s a problem dun sa attendance form niyo.. i can’t open it.. ^^

    • Hi there! We already announced last week that the RSVP for the gathering is officially closed. As much as we want to accommodate more people, we have to close it earlier. We are really sorry about that.

      • is the RSVP for the gathering really closed?

      • Hi Pauline! Yes, the RSVP is already closed as of April 1.

        However, we’re still waiting for the confirmation of those who already filled out the attendance form. If there are still slots available, we might give it to those who wanna come but were unable to fill out the form. PLs. wait for further announcements. Thanks! ^__^

  2. Hello JYJ_PH! Kindly contact me via e-mail.. I’ve been trying to contact you… I need to ask something in private.. Thank you! :]

  3. just knew it yesterday night and i’m exited to go so i’ve filled out the attendance form already,
    is this an assurance that i can attend the gathering?

  4. me and my friends would definitely come! we’ve been waiting for this event to happen since we are “die-hard” fans of JYJ. :))) i’m sure this event would be daebak! =DD

  5. Me and my friend would love to come, thanks for the invite!
    However, just want to ask something, I used to receive daily updates from you
    on JYJ activities, now I don’t receive them anymore. I sure miss those updates,
    when will I receive them again? Thank you so much for accommodating my
    I also wish to thank the organizing committee of this event and would love to meet
    you guys as well!

    • Hi Betty!
      Maybe u subscribed to our blog. However, due to our busy schedules with work and school, we hardly have time to update the blog. We are really sorry for that. All of the latest news and updates about JYJ are posted on our FB page and Twitter acct.

      We really hope you and your friends could come to the gathering. Kindly fill out the attendance once you’ve decided to go. Thanks!

  6. Gusto namin ng friends ko pumunta but cant kasi it’s summer and we’ll be going back to our provinces 😦

  7. hi! I’ve already filled out and submitted the attendance form.. will i able to receive a confirmation if i send the form correctly?

  8. I though JYJ Lovers in the Philippines is only a fansite that help spread news about the boys? I thought this is just it, and not a fanclub or an org, whatsoever. So why the need for a gathering? It’s not like you are trying to go against other fanclubs here in the Philippines, right? Just curious coz I just stumbled upon your site. I hope you answer my inquiries in a light yet truthful manner. Thanks. 🙂

    • Hello Erica!

      For over a year, our fansite has grown and we came to know a lot of JYJ fans in the Philippines. We don’t see anything wrong if we organize a gathering for all Filipino JYJ fans and the purpose is not to go against any fan club here like what you were saying.

      • Dear Admins,

        You should consider organizing a fanclub already! ^__^ A lot of JYJ fans are anxious for a club or organization devoted to JYJ only.

    • hello Ms. Erica! I just wanted to ask, is is prohibited for a fansite to organize a gathering? If friends can meet up, why not fellow fans? And what other fanclubs are you referring to? Bigbang? 2NE1? or are you referring to TVXQ fanclub here, the Cassiopeia Philippines, which, as it said on their site, named after the official fanclub of TVXQ in SK? Is there a JYJ fanclub in the Philippines right now that JYJ Philippines should ask permission from first? why do you imply that having a JYJ fans gathering is “trying to go against other fanclubs”? what’s your basis?

      just asking 😀

    • Erica,

      Is there any law, regulation or even a norm at that, that restricts a fansite from organizing a gathering? Is there a JYJ Fanclub in the Philippines? The last time I heard, THERE IS NONE. Assuming there is a fanclub for JYJ, is that Fanclub OFFICIAL such that it is endorsed by the artists or their management as the official Fanclub of JYJ in the Philippines? Mr. Webster has clearly defined the word “OFFICIAL”, kindly look clearly into the definition dear so that you don’t get confused. And no amount of affiliation can make one official at that.
      As far as I know, even CJES has not endorsed any JYJ Fanclub. And as far as I know, even JYJ or CJES has not restricted fans from creating fansites or organizing fanclubs, moreso, gathering together. There is likewise no law or regulation that restricts people from organizing fanclubs as they wish. All the more, THERE IS NO LAW OR REGULATION that restricts a simple gathering for fans.
      Had there been an official fanclub, I am sure that the Admins of JYJ Philippines would have done the necessaries. Why is this gathering being viewed in a bad light when it is just a simple party where all JYJ fans would meet and have fun?
      I am a JYJ fan and I would love to be a part of a fanclub only devoted to JYJ and no one else, should there be one ^___^

      • there is no law against gatherings and fan clubs. the more the merrier. but as far as recognized fc’s go, there is another fc in the country recognized as “official” by the two of the record companies that carry jyj products here. it’s called jyj philippines and is powered by one of the oldest and biggest kpop fcs in the country. just saying…
        that being said, however, i also see nothing wrong with having a gathering like this. and this gathering being free is definitely worth the time and effort to go there. and really? how can anyone turn their back on the gorgeousness of jyj? duh?

      • @grace uy.. sure man dear? ive been actually looking for a fanclub/group or site that is supporting jyj since end of 2009 and this is the only one i got ..and jy_love ..sure na meron jyj philippines na nagacarry ng jyj products? .last time kasi it was cassph who in coordination with polyeast launched the album here.. or did cass ph formed the jyj philippines you are referring too? pakilinaw please if you can..kasi if oo, ewan lang ah had been going on for more than a year now tas sad lang if they would be making their own ..:-(

    • May nakalagay po sa CassPH twitter na TVXQ and JYJ fan club sila. 🙂

      Pero di naman siguro masama mag-fan gath. ^^

      • correct me if im wrong dear ah.. since im pretty new to jyj
        cassph / cassiopeia was from named after the fc of TVXQ in korea right? and since TVXQ and JYJ are two different groups now i dont think its proper for them to claim as an official fanclub of JYJ when from their name itself they are supporting a different group.. just my 2cents.

    • hmmmm… this totally opens up a can of worms~ let me ask you this: dude, why not? since when did gathering in the name of our fabulous adoration to jaechunsu become illegal?

      • @ tin yeah, i’m pretty sure about jyj philippines. you can search for them in facebook if you’re interested and here’s the link to their info page i didn’t say that this community/fanbase/fanclub is carrying jyj products. i said they are recognized by both of the record companies that carry jyj products here. and yes, it’s under cassph.
        just as there is no law against gatherings, there shoudln’t be any laws against forming other jyj communities too, di ba? And why shouldn’t cassph form a jyj community? The fanclub itself is not concerned with the politics behind what’s going on with the group. they’re concerned with making sure they spread themselves out to support both groups equally. they started out supporting five men and they will always be supporting five men despite the separation
        so the existence of this gathering of jyj lovers philippines, is in NO way doing anything wrong. they said it themselves. they’re just celebrating their first year and the fact that they’ve gotten so many supporters. THAT is a wonderful thing in itself and an achievement to be proud of. yun yung essence ng gathering na ito and to build lasting friendships with other jyj lovers.
        i mentioned jyj philippines as a reaction to this post by Chingky
        “Is there a JYJ Fanclub in the Philippines? The last time I heard, THERE IS NONE. Assuming there is a fanclub for JYJ, is that Fanclub OFFICIAL such that it is endorsed by the artists or their management as the official Fanclub of JYJ in the Philippines? Mr. Webster has clearly defined the word “OFFICIAL”, kindly look clearly into the definition dear so that you don’t get confused. And no amount of affiliation can make one official at that.” I’m glad she mentioned this particular line though. “Fanclub OFFICIAL such that it is endorsed by the artists or their management as the official Fanclub”
        She is right in that regard unless endorsed by the Korean management no one can claim official status. BUT, for Philippine purposes ONLY, a recognition from the record companies will suffice to claim “OFFICIAL” status for the Philippines lang (a good example of this is ONE DIRECTION PHILIPPINES) … with exceptions of course na no fees will be charged and they specify that membership to them is NOT equal to membership in the Korean FC nor can they claim that they are under the Korean management kahit for “joking” purposes only.

  9. cool! i filled out the form na 😀

    thanks jyjph for setting this one up. dae to the bak!

    see you guys there! <33

  10. Sa wakas! Already filled-up the form! Can’t wait for April 21st! Woot woot! Thank you so much for the JYJ Philippines Organizing Committee for all your hard work in putting together this fan event for all the JYJ Philippines fans! Dae to the Bak!

    • ate sam… i have a problem regarding this invitation of yours… i really wanted to go but there were somethings that permitted to go to the event….

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