[NEWS] 120507 JYJ Park Yoochun only has his eyes on the script: an admirable gaze that pierces through paper

A proof shot of JYJ Park Yoochun’s script has sparked interest.

On May 7, a photo named ‘The noble look of the Crown Prince when reading his script’ was uploaded on the homepage of SBS TV Drama ‘Rooftop Prince’

In the photo, Park Yoochun was seen resting his arm freely on the arm rest while fixing his eyes on the script. He caught netizens’ eyes with his pose when he held a glass as if he was rehearsing for his part after immersing himself in the script.

The representative who uploaded the photo has put a humorous caption “Your Highness, how can you look so graceful whenever you look at the script like that? You are making our heart flutter. Stealing is a bad behaviour, first we can’t take our eyes off you, now what should we do when you also steal every woman’s heart away with that shining beauty?”.

Netizens who saw this responded “It looks like a photoshoot even when he just looks at the script” “How can he looks so handsome even when the only thing he does is looking at the script” “Seeing him holding the glass like that is enought to take my breath away”.

Credit: TV Report
Translated by: sweetiexiah of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 

Please take out with full credits.

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