Ok. I probably had 3 hours of sleep last night. My eyes are blood shot but I’m feeling on top of the world. The fanaccount I wrote earlier was just off the top of my head. No sequence of events. I’m going to add bits and pieces as I remember more.

Jae has great skin. Given that the stylist probably slapped some BB cream on (which I thought was probably very little – I couldn’t see any color difference at his jawline/neckline), he had no visible blemishes, no visible pimples, no visible pimple scars, no big pores. Again, when I last saw Kim Hyun Joong(KHJ fans don’t bash me….) , you could see his stylist had slapped on far too much BB cream. It was such a thick coat you could see it a mile away. Unlike Micky whose pimple scars are really obvious(ok… fans find it sexy….), I really…

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