S. Korea’s Minister of Culture and Sports Interview in Ankara, Turkey

South Korea’s Minister of Culture and Sports held Q & A at the Ankara Korean Cultural Center

PhotobucketQ: Will there be any Korea-Turkey joint film projects in the future?

A: There isn’t any projects like this yet but I like Nobel winner and Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk, so I would like to see his books made into a film in Korea.

Q: Is there a chance to see Kpop artists filming their MVs in Turkey?

A:Why not? If you can show that you love and support them then they will answer you for sure.

Q: We want to watch Korean dramas on our national TV channels. Are there any plans about this?

A: In Turkey we usually see historical dramas on TV but now we’ve started to see some youth dramas too. (Dream High) As long as the ratings are high then I believe you can watch many dramas on TV. You should show your support to Korean dramas and Korean stars so you can get the attention of producers.

Q: In 2012 will Turkey be able to host Kpop concerts?

A: At the beginning of 2012, Kim Jaejoong visited Turkey. We also want Turkey and Korea to be in a good cultural relationship.

Q: What we can do to make people know more about the Korean sport, Taekwondo?

A: I learnt that there are more than 300.000 Taekwondo students in Turkey. In the near future you can take Taekwondo lessons from Korean teachers.

Q: What should Turkish students do to go to Korea for education?

A: First, you should learn Korean. I believe any successful student can go Korea for education.


Tarantallegra albums were given out after the interview.
=Those pictures can be viewed HERE=

Interview: Özge Özpolat
Source: Korea-fans.com
English Translation: Esra@jyjturkey.com
Shared By: JYJTurkey + JYJ3

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