[REVIEW] 120529 Are Lee Bumsoo and Kim Jaejoong the leading actors of Dr.Jin?

Note: This is a review written by a noteworthy Korean blogger and avid TV drama critic.

Until recently, I have been falling for time slip rooftop prince. And then, since an another time slip drama, Dr.Jin, was going to be aired, I was waiting for it with expectations. But when I watched this drama, what I thought was “What~ is this?!”

Why didn’t my expectations rise toward Song Seunghun and Park Minyoung but toward Lee Bumsoo and Kim Jaejoong? By any chance, are Lee Bumsoo and Kim Jaejoong the leading actors of this drama?

Well, I don’t ever think about blaming Song Seunghun’s acting skills. I understand that he is acting as a man of modern time, who travels back to Joseon Dynasty. However, I can’t help thinking, “Why is he so superficial?”

Park Minyoung doesn’t stand out either. Instead of seeing 2 different individuals from modern time and from the Joseon Dynasty, I only see Park Minyoung.

I don’t have expectations in Song Seunghun and Park Minyoung. It’s just a story about a cold-blooded doctor becoming a doctor who respects the life; and two men competing over a woman. This is also what Dr.Jin must solve in the future. But in fact, wasn’t it all revealed already? What should they do? Cold-blooded doctor turning into a doctor who respects the life, it was already solved in epsode 2. The loveline of two men competing over one woman, that, well.. I don’t think I’ll watch that with great expectations. Because all [this storyline] was already drawn out in my head.

Eventually, no matter what image these two will show in the future, I don’t think it can bring remarkable changes. On the other hand, I’m looking forward to Lee Bumsoo and Kim Jaejoong. Of course I’m not saying that Kim Jaejoong is on the same playing field with the veteran Lee Bumsoo. Because, to tell you the truth, the gap between Lee Bumsoo and Kim Jaejoong is very big. However, their common point is that, the characters that these 2 portray will make people anticipate [this drama].

Lee Bumsoo is showing a shrewd Lee Haeung just as the character has to be. There, I’m looking forward to see a Lee Heung who will change in order to seize power. I feel that Lee Bumsoo can express completely the transformation in the character’s personality.

Same for Kim Jaejoong’s case. For now, it’s a character who shows emotions through his fierce eyes and snaps harshly at people. But Kim Kyungtak is not simply a character that merely snaps fiercely at people. Expressing anger, but in such a way where the anger hides inner sadness, Kim Kyungtak must be like that.

This Kim Kyungtak card is a card that can flows in a direction of which you can’t ever imagine. It can be fleshed out and also gather the great charms of a leading character. I think that, following the flow of Kim Kyungtak’s character, the storyline of Dr.Jin might change. “How well Kim Jaejoong can do with this role?” I wonder. Until now, he has been flawlessly handling the character, which makes me look forward [to him].

I don’t know where Dr.Jin will go to but “rather than Song Seunghun and Park Minyoung, will the performance of Lee Bumsoo and Kim Jaejoong make this drama more interesting?” I wonder. The last thing I want to say is, “Why do the patients always appear coincidentally in front of the leading characters?” It’s too obvious and isn’t fun anymore.

Translation by: Hannah for PrinceJJ
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