“Junsu Effect,” helping a fan become a top student


Kim Junsu(JYJ) has a so-called “Junsu Effect,” making his fan a top student in the fan’s school.

On May 16 a fan of Kim Junsu sent a mention to his mother’s twitter, saying, “I’m a middle school senior student. My mom told me if I became a top student in my school she would allow me to go to Junsu’s Seoul concert. So, I did my best and really became the top student. Now I can go the concert!”

In response, Junsu’s mother replied, saying, “Wow~ A top student! Junsu Effect really worked! Great job.”

Then, net-users showed responses such as saying, “a powerful influence of making his fan a top student,” “How potent the KIM JUNSU EFFECT is,” or, “Kim Junsu’s album is really great.”

Kim Junsu with the name XIA has released his 1st album XIA-Tarantallegra, drawing a sensational attention. 


Translated by chocolat

Shared by XIAH Press

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