[Chart Analysis] “XIA” Kim Junsu, showing a miracle of a rising sales in his album in the 3rd week

“XIA,” Kim Junsu(JYJ), is showing his strong influence in the album sales chart. Despite obstacles against his appearance on TV, the sales of his 1st album are on the good track for the three-consecutive weeks.

According to the Hanteo Chart, a statistic chart for album sales, Junsu’s first solo album TARANTALLEGRA ranked no.1 in realtime sales ranking. About 20 days after the release of the album on May 15, it seized the top in the realtime chart. This comes as a surprise considering the current music album market in which an album is sold within no more than 1 week.

The sales trend is much more extraordinary. However strong one’s fandom is, it’s very difiicult to keep the rising sales curve of the 1st week after the release. The more active fandom is, the more sales in the 1st day of release. (and then a nosedive.) XIA’s album was same but, extraordinarily, its sales turned onto the rise by the 3rd week. It seized the top place, surpassing a live album of YG Family in which all singers of the YG entertainment participated.

In addition, what’s more remarkable is that, even in the previous decreasing curve, the sales trend of his album has been more stable than any other singers’. The album sales of XIA was as many as 20,957 in the first release day, 10,715 On May 16, 7250 on 17. In the 2nd week, its sales was in gridlock but maintained 4-digit sales, vying for the top place with the group infinite.

The agency C-jes said about this phenomenon, “the main reason is XIA’s efforts to make a high-quality album aparting from the fleeting latest fashion. Thus, a growing number of the public come to think his album is deserving to buy. His album is loved by a wide range of people, beyond a specific generation.”

In fact, XIA showed his confidence in his 1st album at the press conference right after the release of his album. XIA said, “Basically, as singers the apperance on TV is needed to promote one’s music. So, (given many ostacles against tv appearance) it is considerably frustrating. Yet, I have gained more confidence during the world tour (of JYJ) and tried to make my music and MV trump cards.”

Demands from overseas fans also played a role. There are an increasing number of foreign fans to buy his album in person by online-order at the local album stores. A person concerned to a big local store said, “Orders via online become more than those via offline. Taking a look at destination, we can know there are many overseas buyers.”

XIA is turning the obstacles against TV appearance into an opportunity. He is paving a way by directly reaching his fans. Starting from his Seoul concert on May 19-20, he is on seven-Asian-city tour. Holding a successful concert in Bangkok on May 27, now he will reach his local fans with signing events on June 1st.

Cr. Sports Seoul (http://news.nate.com/view/20120531n14149)
Translated by chocolat
Shared by XIAH Press

Translated by chocolat
Shared by XIAH Press + JYJ3

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