[NEWS] 120601 Kim Jaejoong, Dr Jin’s secret weapon. Production crew says he’s responsible for dramatic elements


Production crew of MBC’s weekend drama Dr Jin said that Kim Jaejoong is responsible for the dramatic elements of the drama.

Since Kim KyungTak does not originally exist in the Japanese manga and drama, doubts were raised about his character.

Dr Jin’s crew told enews that they adapted the story to fit in Korea. Jin Hyuk still remains the heart of the story but this time his role is complimented by Kim KyungTak’s character, therefore, providing dramatic elements in the story.

Kim Jaejoong’s portrayal of Kim Kyung Tak in Dr. Jin episodes 1-2 has been praised and the doubts the people felt at the beginning have been successfully erased.

Along with this, “Living like a dream”, Kim Jaejoong’s song for the drama was released and has been climbing up on the charts in online music sites and has continued to generate interest until now.

Source: Enews4 via Nate
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