Japanese Jaejoong Fans’ party in Tokyo

On 27 May, Japanese Jaejoong Fans held a [Cheer Cheer Jae!! Fun Fan Party!] in Tokyo. Akio Iwama-san, a good friend of Jaejoong, attended the party as a staff.

In the first half of the year, Jaejoong had to go through a difficult time, and Jaejoong fans were deeply concerned. The main aim of this party is for Jaejoong fans to come together and enjoy a night of fun camaraderie while cheer for Jaejoong. The information for this post is gathered from Mayutanym’s fanaccount. (Mayutanym is the organizer of this party)

^ It’s a gathering attended by about 80 fans.

^ KyungTak was there too! XD

^ The place was decorated with plenty of pictures of Jaejoong.

^ Special Cocktails! Dr.Jae!! Jae!!kal SalangJae!! JohaJae!!

^ Dancing and games =)

^ and fans dressed up as Jaejoong!

^ Iwama-san

After the party ended, everyone felt that it had been a very happy experience.

Mayutanym commented that she was very touched, for she could feel the fans’ love and longing for Jaejoong to go back to Japan.

Jaejoong-ah, Japan waits for you!

Source: herojjbar
Summarized and Translated by: Min @ PrinceJJ
Shared byPrinceJJ
Please leave credits intact.

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