[AUDIO/TRANS] 120602 The last question at Synnara Fansign for XIA “Tarantallegra”

Listen to the audio HERE

Q: Fans have been waiting for your solo album for 9 years. Please say something for the fans who have waited.

A: It’s been 9 years since my debut, for us everything has changed a lot more than we expected, and it obviously took a lot more time than I intended. It’s obvious, but to be honest I also..It will be sad when I talk about this issue but I’m fine with it now, so are the other members. Everything was beautiful before but honestly, even though we have appeared on TV and I used to want to appear on variety shows a bit but recently I don’t want to go to TV shows anymore. Frankly, it is really…with that much…But as I have said before… not doing something and not being able to do it is completely different in my mind so honestly, I was really worried when releasing the solo album that I’ve been expecting and waiting for too. At first, when the director proposed the idea, I  rejected his proposal. I didn’t want to release my solo album like this…I want to show better things but waiting again seems so long, also meeting the public through musicals like this obviously has its limits too. Acting in drama is clearly risky. Well even though it’s not that risky and I could do it, but I am not satisfied with myself. Since, later if there is a good opportunity, I will be able to act in a drama but when comparing it with an album, of course I want to choose an album. When putting them on scales and looking back at myself, I am a bit…The siuation right now is difficult…Working as a singer feels so hard so I have even thought of acting, even though I thought like that but to be honest, I like singing. I really like singing. If musical was only about acting, I would have avoided it too but because I was able to sing, I really like it. That’s why I started (being in musical). Anyway, even though it was late…But when thinking about releasing the album this time, if I did release it years ago, I would obviously not be able to write the music that I want to write like I do right now, it would have been a solo album made by someone else for me. It would not be the music that I want to show, that I want to communicate with my fans, so because a solo album is important like that, it’s better to release it now. Also, because of the album this time, I was pessimistic about releasing an album in such situations but because everyone of you has been supporting me for 9 years long…that really gave me strength to release it. So honestly, the album is able to be released thanks to every single one of you. That’s all I want to say. Thank you.

Translated By: SweetieXiah of JYJ3
Audio Credit: picnicxiah
Shared By: JYJ3 

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