[FANACCOUNT] 120527 XIA 1st Asia tour concert –TARANTALLEGRA in Bangkok

It’s been 3 days since XIA concert in Bangkok and my memory is starting to get vague but the emotions still linger. If you have a chance to watch Junsu live, don’t hesitate at all because he is too awesome for words. After going back to my country, I have watched some fancams from the Bangkok concert, hoping they could revive the awesome moments for me but they are not helping at all. Fancams really don’t give Junsu’s voice any justice whatsoever, they now all sound so flat to my ears. I wish I were rich enough to tour all over Asia with him T___T

My flight landed at 11.45am Sunday 27/05, in Bangkok and after going around the airport hopelessly to look for one of my friends, I took a metered taxi heading straight away to Siam Paragon where the concert is going to be held. By the time I got there, there were already hundreds of fans crowded in front of the entrance waiting to exchange the tickets and buy official goods. At the information desk in front of the entrance, JYJBox staffs were selling their fangoods and they were showing the video of Junsu greeting Thai fans there as well. While wandering around, I met Lyn from Indonesia, May from Malaysia and Goy from Thailand. (Really nice to meet you girls ~ You guys are all so nice to me!!!) Lyn told me that we could get the tickets at 3pm and the goods would start being sold at 3.30pm so I’d better go to my hostel, check-in then come back but I was so excited that I didn’t want to leave at all so after picking up my picnicxiah goods, a friend and I looked around the lobby then suddenly at 2.20pm, everyone started rushing and Lyn texted me that we could already exchange the tickets.

Having the tickets on my hand, we went downstairs to grab something for lunch before heading back into the queue to buy the official goods. The entrance opened at around 3.00pm when I was about to eat my lunch so we started rushing again and queued in the line to buy the official goods. (Seriously, it would be better and easier for my life if they announced the time clearly T__T) They sold basically the same official goods as the Seoul concert, except for the black T-shirt. The queue was quite long so by the time I got to buy the goods, they ran out of the big towel so I ended up buying the small towel instead. In front of the hall, there were a board where you can write a message for Junsu and stick on it and a table to place your gifts for Junsu as well. After buying everything we want, we took the BTS and headed to the hostel to check-in and change into the XIA t-shirt that we just bought. Around 5pm, we went back to Siam Paragon Hall. Fangirls were basically everywhere. I could spot fangirls wearing pink XIAH t-shirt, holding Junsu’s fan or posters on the streets and inside the Siam Paragon. From young teenagers who were still wearing their school uniforms to older auntie fans who held a bunch of Junsu’s posters in her hand, everyone seems so happy and excited for the concert.

Then at 5.30pm, we got into the queue to go inside the Paragon Royal Hall. Taking photos are not allowed so the guards searched fans’ bags before letting us go inside but of course, fans know how to hide their camera well so we still have pictures from the concert. The stage and the led screen are smaller than I expected so I was a bit disappointed but we can still see the stage clearly from our seats in A4 zone. At every seat, there were a pink fan with coconut tree and XIA on it, a paper saying “항상 응원할게♡” (I will support you forever) with a small instructions note prepared by Thai fans. The line of fans kept coming in and filled up the hall. Near the back of the hall, there were lots of media and reporters.

Around 6.15pm, they closed the entrance then they showed Tarantallegra MV on the screen and the light kept going on and off. Suddenly, the lights went all off and they played the intro video which begins with a creepy woman’s voice saying something then Junsu appeared on the video, completely immersed in water in a fetus form with white pieces of cloth wrapping around his body. I have watched this video on youtube but still can’t help laughing out loud when he opened his eyes because it was supposed to be cool but it’s quite creepy and funny at the same time since Junsu’s hair color and the weird angle make him look like an alien. Still, the idea was cool. Then, “BOOM!!!” the fireworks sparked and ‘Breath’ started playing then suddenly, he appeared from under the stage with a silver stick. I admit that I didn’t like ‘Breath’ that much when I first heard it and watching fancams of the song doesn’t make it any different either but watching it live, it’s so awesome. The electric violin part at the beginning is so perfect. It made my heart beat faster and faster, then every emotion just bursted out right when Junsu appeared on the stage. Awesome!!! The intro is now stuck in my head. The choreography is perfect for the song too. His movements are sharp, energetic but fluid and sexy at the same time. And how can anyone resist those sensual hip waves and hip thrusts?! It was such a great performance to open the concert. ‘Breath’ is now my favorite song!!!

Next song is ‘No gain’. The thing that I really like in this song is the choreography, especially at ‘Baby girl~ uh oh’ part. Overall, Junsu is a great performer. He knows exactly how to make the fans excite with his facial expressions, dance moves and gestures. Fangirls can stop screaming, especially those girls sitting behind me lol.

It’s time for a small talk. Junsu started off by greeting the fans in Thai. I am not Thai so I can only understand “Hello, I am XIA.” T__T Now I have figured out that he said “Hello, I am XIA. Glad to meet you again.” Then, he talked in Korean “Now that my XIA 1st Asia tour has such a great start like this, I am so happy. I hope everyone has a great time watching the concert until the very end.”
Then, he went up some stairs on the stage and sat down with his legs slightly apart and ‘Lullaby’ started. A female dancer appeared from backstage, lied down on his lap and everyone screamed their head off lmao. For me, the most sensual part in this song is not when he’s caressing the dancers or being blindfolded but the part when he walked toward the audience then clapped his hands and did a body wave. SO SEXY!!!! >//////<

‘Intoxication’ time!!! I don’t think I need to say more on how sexy it was. No matter how sexy he is in other songs, ‘Intoxication’ is still the legend to me cos’ it holds a special meaning in my heart. Also, it was cute how fans chanted the ‘Hey hey hey’ and ‘Oh no no no’ part. Even though I was quite disappointed that there wasn’t the big mirror like in the Seoul concert but seeing him singing and dancing to that song live makes up for every disappointment. At least now I can scratch ‘Watching Intoxication live’ off my fangirl’s wishlist.

After that is ‘Set me free’, one of the performance that I was excited to watch the most because of the cute choreography at the chorus. I think I have a hand fetish cos’ every time I see Junsu’s small fists or hands, I squeal~~~ Other than that, the strong beat of the song really heated up the audience. At the end, there was a problem with the sound. The music suddenly stopped so Junsu just froze for like 3 seconds. Aigoo he was so cute standing there with both his hands on the air xDDDD Fans immediately started singing the rest of the song for him and he was like “Yeah, let’s rock this” then continued dancing and singing. My singer is so professional~!!! Before heading to backstage, he said “Thank you” in Thai.

Next, they showed a VTR about making of ‘Tarantallegra’ with Too love as the BGM. Hahaha fans screamed so loud whenever Junsook unnie appeared on the screen. And I am pretty sure most of the fans have already watched the VTR on youtube but still, we screamed at everything lol. One second, he was acting all cutely while pouting his lips and whining about something (lol I can actually imagine in my head how whiny his voice is while seeing that). The next second, he became so sexy in full makeup and he had that god-like aura around him.

The VTR ended and Junsu appeared on stage in a white long coat singing ‘You are so beautiful’. As my friend said and I agreed with her, this is not an easy song to sing live but his voice is flawless. He hits every note perfectly. While he was singing, some fans chanted ‘Kim Junsu’ in between and also fans sang along with him at ‘You are so beautiful’ and ‘You are so wonderful’ part. Personally, I think it was quite cute and okay to sing along at those parts but other than that, I really hope fans won’t chant or scream anything during the song cos’ I’m sure we all want to enjoy his flawless voice fully ^^
Ment time! At first, the translator’s mic didn’t work so he shared his mic with her. JUNSU Time~! Junsu said ‘Everybody’ then pointed the mic towards us and we all screamed ‘JUNSU time’. He said “Within my capabilities, I will grant three wishes from you guys.” (lol basically he said exactly the same thing he did in Seoul concert, even the wordings are similar). Right after he said that, I screamed really loud 천사시아, which means ‘Angel Xiah’. I wasn’t sure he heard my voice or not (my delusional fangirl’s heart told me he did) but he did look in my direction and did ‘Angel Xiah’. Kyahhhh~~~ Of course, my heart melt into water after that!!! What a good time~!!! Second wish is writing his name by his butt. Junsu is such a tease. At first, he tried to hold the long white coat up to show his butt but because the coat is quite long so it still covered a part of his butt. Then he held it all up once again to make sure everyone can have a good sight of his round butt. Tsk, let me tell you, he knows his fangirls so well. Third wish is ‘bbooing bbooing’. After hearing the wish, he said “But I already did everything at the Seoul concert.” Then, he seemed to be embarrassed. He kept raising his hand up several times and was about to do it but ended up giggling to himself. OMG He was super cute giggling like a kid T__T He knows exactly how to drive me crazy. So after hesitating for a good while, he tried to calm down then ‘bbooing bbooing.’ Fans on the left requested him to do it one more time so he turned to the left and did it again. After that, he said “It was fun. We might not speak the same language but I am happy that we don’t really need that to communicate with each other.” Then, he introduced 알면서도 (Even though I knew) “The next song I am going to sing is a really sad ballad. It was the very last to be recorded in my album.”

‘Even though I know’ is the first song that catches my attention when I listened to his album for the first time because of the sad lyrics. It was one of the songs that I anticipated the most but thanks to some fans that screamed whenever he hits the high notes, my good mood was killed. Once again, please don’t scream or shout anything during ballads, thank you very much >__< Overall, the song is much more awesome than I expected it to be because he sang it with so many emotions. As we all know, Junsu’s live version is always better than the CD version.

Next song is 돌고 돌아도 (Round and round). At this song, we all held up the paper saying ‘I will support you forever’ and when Junsu saw that, he smiled. Awwwwwl~~~ it was such a sweet smile. At the chorus, he waved his hands so we waved the paper along with him. Also, he let us sing the ‘Lalalala~’ part. As he was singing this song, I really thought hard about how the song fits me so perfectly. It’s truly a destiny that I got to know Junsu then become his fans. When looking back at all these years cheering for him in front of my monitor’s screen, watching him live feels indeed like a dream to me. I really hope I can go to one of his concerts again. Once is not enough T___T

Next is the dance break time with the dancers. It was so great and fun that everyone in the audience stood up and did the ‘Be my girl’ flashmob together even though I failed so hard at dancing cos’ I’m such an uncoordinated person x)

Now, it’s Musical time!!! To be honest, ‘The last dance’ didn’t impress me that much because after watching fancams from the actual musical show, there were much more emotions in his actual performance than in this concert version. Next is 나는 나는 음악 (I am I am music). In this song, he was supposed to move around bubbly while expressing Mozart’s love for music but he had to stand still so that a staff could fix his headset for him. I was a little bit sad about that but the song I anticipated the most is 왜 나를 사랑하지 않아요 (Why can’t you love me), my all-time favorite song. As expected, it was so awesome!!! I’m sure that it was much much more awesome in the actual musical show but this performance is good enough to make me weep ;___; The part ‘I won’t ever live like a genius as I did when I was young…. I want to keep walking on my road. Going back is so meaningless’ keeps ringing in my head even until now. While singing that song, he was standing all alone on the stage. Suddenly at that time, the stage seems so big and I had a feeling that he might keep getting smaller and smaller then totally disappear right in front of my eyes. My heart was soaked in the solitude and pain that he was singing about. He just stood there on the stage, in front of me but he still seemed so far away. And the lyrics…I really think the lyrics were what he truly felt sometimes. Awww~ I could go on and on about this song forever, it was so touching to me T___T After he finished the song, everyone was in awe and clapped really loud for him. I’m sure everyone will agree that this is one of the highlights of the concert. Now I want to watch him in Mozart live for once in my life. Please, please do Mozart one more time Junsu-yah~ (just not in this year tyvm >”< )

Then, they showed a VTR with dates of every concert in different countries that JYJ stopped by last year and at the beginning of this year. It was a quite long pause after the VTR ended then Junsu appeared on the screen saying ‘Taranrallegra’ over and over again for nearly a minute as if he was trying to hypnotize everyone. LMAO it was so funny that I couldn’t help but laughing out loud. ‘Tarantallegra’ started playing and the veil was pulled up, revealed Junsu who was dancing on a really high lift. It was a bit scary actually cos’ it was really high and Junsu danced so strongly that I could also feel the lift shaking under his feet. Now I can understand why it is the title song. The song really does grow on me and the choreography is great too. Junsu’s dance is so energetic and sensual. As he was wearing that same red dress in the MV, whenever he danced, the lower part of the dress kept flowing up and down and I swear, I can even see a part of his belly under that dress >///< It’s quite distracting lol. Near the end of the song, a red chair appeared on the stage and he sat down on it. LIKE A BOSS!!! The light was off and he just sat there for quite a long time while breathing heavily into his mic. Oh ho, it doesn’t sound that special when I write this down but it does sound really cool and sexy at that time. Somehow, I wish he fell asleep while sitting on that chair so that we can spend more time with him hahaha, but of course he didn’t so ‘Fever’ started playing and he stood up to perform the next song.

Again, ‘Fever’ choreography is so cute to me. Now as I watched fancams of it again, it doesn’t sound that great but it was fantastic at the live concert. The part where the fireworks sparked and Junsu came to the front doing some ad-libs is really cool.

After ‘Fever’, there was a long pause as well so we chanted ‘Kim Junsu’ for so many times then ‘Mission’ started and Junsu has changed into a military suit with his black XIA t-shirt underneath. Actually, I didn’t have any particular memory on how Mission was because all I can think of at that time was ‘Omg, the concert is ending already T____T….Noooo~~~” The only thing I can remember from that is Junsu changed the lyrics from ‘I want you screaming JYJ, dance now’ to ‘…XIA world, dance now’.

Time for the last ment before the concert ends (Noooo~~~~). Firstly, he asked the fans in Korean ‘Are you having fun?’ and everyone screamed back ‘Nae~~~’ so he was a bit surprised and asked ‘How can you guys understand that?’. Then, I don’t remember exactly what he said but generally, he talked about how much efforts and courage he has put in this album and the Asia tour, about how difficult for him to stand alone on the stage but seeing all the fans here, he now has more energy to continue what he’s working on. He also thanked fans for continuing singing ‘Set me free’ for him when there was a sound problem. It was all so sad at that moment but suddenly, he pulled out a towel and started wiping his sweats. Everyone went crazy and wanted him to throw the towel so he asked “Do you want it?” with amusement. Duhhh~ of course we want it. So he teased the fans by waving the towel to left and right and he even tried to throw it backward just like a bride throwing her bouquet lmaooo. In the end, he threw it to the right side. After that, he said ‘You all like strange things. Fans are all the same” Then he tried to say ‘I love you kiss kiss’ in Thai. OMGGGGGG!!!! He was such a cutie while hesitating whether to say it or not. He kept giggling and burst out laughing even before actually saying that sentence kyahhh~~~~ xDDDD Then he said ‘There are only 2 songs left.’ Fans were all ‘Noooo, please don’t go’ so he went저도 싫어요 (I don’t like this to end too) while shaking his head/ criessss. Cuteness is in his blood. He didn’t try to act cute at all but everything he did is just too adorable. Then he said ‘But this is a good ending because I have sung every single song I can, including all the song in my album. In order to hold concerts, I have produced a full album with 12 tracks. The album was being made while I was performing for the musical ‘Elisabeth’ so it was very tiring but it was a good decision.’ While the translator was translating what he said, he came to the front and pulled out another towel to wipe his sweats. Damn, he even put the towel over his lips!!!!!! Seriously, who got that towel is the luckiest one. The fans all screamed so loud. At first, he smirked and waved his index finger as if he was saying ‘You’d better not dream about having this towel cos’ I won’t throw it to you’. Oh God, Kim Junsu is now too cute for me to handle. He must have a sign saying‘WARNING!!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!’ with him every time. He is too dangerous~~~~ Then he introduced the next song 사랑이 싫다구요 (I hate love) saying it was the double-title track in his solo album but fans couldn’t concentrate on what he was saying. They all want that towel. So he smiled then picked up the towel to wipe his sweats once again (This guy is the master in teasing, I swear) and threw it to the left side. He even said ‘Please don’t fight over it’ after that LOL.

I guess my mind was still not recovered from his cuteness in the last ment so it couldn’t focus on the performance anymore. Also, a part of me was dying cos’ I know the concert would end real soon T___T Time flew by so fast.

Then it comes이슬을 머금은 나무 (Dew-laden tree). Before the concert, I was afraid that I would cry at this song but I didn’t. Junsu was so happy and smiled brightly while singing this song. It made me so happy too. Everyone hold up the pink fans and waved it along to song. At the chorus, instead of singing ‘I love you’ in Korean, he sang it in English. ‘I love you, I love you, 나의 요정..’ then he pointed the mic towards us and we sang the last ‘I love you’ part while confetti was flying around. It was such a beautiful scene!!!! ‘I love you too, my Junsu’~~~ T___T Everyone gave him a standing ovation at the end. After bowing to the audience, he just stood on the stage between the dancers, looked around the hall and waved his hands while smiling so sweet. I think he really didn’t want the concert to end T___T Then he went backstage while waving his hands and we all waved back to him. That moment is so cute and beautiful!!!

Then, everyone sat down and chanted ‘Encore’ and ‘Kim Junsu’. The lights kept go on and off and after 1-2 minutes, ‘Fallen leaves’ started and Junsu appeared on stage. ‘Fallen leaves’ is the song that Junsu always sings with so many emotions. At one point, his voice cracked a bit as he was tearing up. Everyone around me was crying and sniffing. It was such a memorable moment (Although I didn’t cry at all lol)!!! After the song ended, he bowed to the audience for a really long while then smiled and looked around the hall for one last time and said ‘Thank you’ in Thai, Korean, Japanese, English and Chinese. We waved at each other until he fully disappeared to the backstage. The concert officially ended!!!

This was actually my first time attending a JYJ/Junsu concert so my expectations were really high and to be honest, somehow I was quite worried that it wouldn’t meet my expectations also (silly me >”<). When I first heard about Junsu’s concert in Bangkok, I’ve told myself that I must go no matter what because I know for sure that this would be the turning point after being a fan for nearly 7 years. Everything was announced in such a short time and as I’m preparing for graduation, I am super busy with work and study and at one point, I have thought about giving up and leaving fandom due to many reasons but I’m glad I didn’t. The concert was much more than what I expected and I have finally found the answer for what I’ve been asking myself for a really long time. As long as he’s here, as long as he’s still on stage, I will continue to cheer for him. My favorite singer is Kim Junsu but Kim Junsu is not just any other singer. He’s much more special than that! He was born to be on stage. He deserved to be loved and admired. As much as I can, I want to shower him with love and make him happy. Please be happy, my Junsu!!!

Credit: SweetieXiah
Shared By: JYJ3 

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