[NEWS] 120602 Kim Jaejoong in “Dr. Jin”… Is it really his first historical drama? – From melodrama to action – “Perfect”

In MBC Weekend Drama ‘Dr. Jin,’ Kim Jaejoong has caught the eyes of many viewers for his acting in his first historical drama.

On the June 2nd airing of “Dr. Jin,” Kim Jaejoong demonstrated excellent acting skills with his martial arts ability as well as his strong self-esteem as the character Kim Kyungtak. […] While filming as Kyungtak, Kim Jaejoong wasted no effort to perform flawlessly.

For the purpose of perfection, Kim Jaejoong had equestrian (horse-riding) practice, sword practice and so forth to fit his character Kyungtak. To this, Jaejoong replied, “Since this is my first historical drama everything is unfamiliar and strange, however because of everyone’s expectations/anticipation, I will repay everyone.”

Because of Kim Jaejoong’s efforts, he continues to bring a ‘perfect’ representation of Kim Kyungtak. During the scene where Kyungtak put his father’s life in JinHyuk’s hands as well as the scene where Kyungtak suffered blows from his half-brother, Kim Jaejoong revealed a variety of facial expressions. […]

Viewers who watched the drama commented on Kim Jaejoong’s acting:

“Despite being his first historical drama, he has an exceptional/remarkable understanding of his character” as well as “If it weren’t Kim Jaejoong acting as Kyungtak I’d have a hard time digesting (accepting) the character Kyungtak.” Furthermore, “He has made this complex multi-faceted character his own.”

Especially because the drama “Dr. Jin” is a medical-fusion drama, Kim Jaejoong’s character as Kyungtak plays an important role in the plot. We have high expectations for his performance.

Source: Herald via Nate
Translation Credit: 
Buniu of JYJ3
Shared By: JYJ3

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