[NEWS] 120604 Park Yoochun: “Kim Jaejoong’s eyes shine…I’m impressed and envious”

With the successful conclusion of Park Yoochun’s drama and a “goodbye” to viewers, Kim Jaejoong’s character as a flower boy” police officer in “Dr. Jin” takes the place of Yoochun’s Lee Gak (“Rooftop Prince”) on the TV screen. On the other hand, Kim Junsu recently released his first solo album and is currently taking advantage of a great opportunity as well. It is safe to that even during these times the members of JYJ are in no way inferior to anyone.

Last month Park Yoochun’s Wed-Thurs drama “Rooftop Prince” ended. Park Yoochun acted as the character Lee Gak. […]
Whether it is a historical, contemporary, comedy or traditional drama…Park Yoochun took on such a diverse mix of genres. For now he has decided to take a break and is considering his next role. On the other hand, fellow member Kim Jaejoong is acting as Kim Kyung Tak in the MBC drama “Dr. Jin.”

When asked of fellow member Jaejoong’s acting, Yoochun responded:
“When I went to South America I saw the Japanese version of “Dr. Jin”. Originally I watched it because I heard that Jaejoong Hyung was going to act in the drama but it turned out to be really interesting. Thus I was in anticipation for Jaejoongie-Hyung’s performance. However (upon watching his performance) because it was such a new character I was flustered and taken aback. (Laugh).”

During the time of the interview, Park Yoochun (who at the time had only been able to see the homepage highlight of “Dr. Jin”) said truthfully of Jaejoong, “When Hyung was starring in SBS’s “Protect the Boss” he also acted as a Director. Because Hyung was able to project a different feeling of a “Director” at that time I was a little envious.”

Furthermore “In terms of acting, I was not able to give any unique tips. It wasn’t in my position to say what would be the proper way to act out or interpret a certain role. However, of course I give suggestions like “What about this?” I think it’s best to let my younger brother Yoohwan and Jaejoongie-Hyung express a character with their own feeling. Thus, because of this I feel it’s not necessary for me to give any tips.”

Yet despite this, Yoochun continued “Through video clips, I saw (Jaejoong) Hyung’s sharp image. In “Protect the Boss,” as a Director he was able to give off an intense/strong image as a Director. When I saw that I thought to myself ‘So this is what’s called eyes that shine.’ The extent of just how impressive Jaejoongie-Hyung is can be seen in the fact that though Jaejoongie Hyung is acting in his first historical drama, compared to my first time (acting), it seems “ten-times” better. It is clear that by the end of his drama it will live up to people’s expectations.”

Finally, Park Yoochun responded to a question over the possibility of Jaejoong’s drama being similar to his own by saying “I have not yet been able to see his (Jaejoong’s) drama yet so I’m actually not quite sure if it is similar to mine. Hyung did not talk to me about it to such an extent. Before I filmed Sungkyunkwan Scandal I received practice for three weeks. During that time Hyung also was preparing for a drama as well. Thus, it’s unavoidable that there are similarities. For whatever reason I wanted to use such feeling to surprise people but it seems that our appearances are quite different.”

With such a response one can see Yoochun’s infinite confidence/faith in Kim Jaejoong. I wonder if when he watches Jaejoong’s performance he’d be wearing a big smile.

Source: TVdaily via Nate
Translated by: Buniu of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Please take with Full Credits

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