[INTERVIEW] 120604 Park Yoochun: “Very thankful to Jimin Noona whom I was not familiar with at first”


[OBS Reporter Kim] ‘Although there are quite a few scenes of the three courtiers, there is no way we should not talk about Park Yoochun’s partner Han Ji Min. The part of the story in which he and his beloved woman, Han Ji Min, breath under the same sky should not be neglected.

From Ji Min’s interviews that have just come out, we can see her praise for Park Yoochun. Because of that, Park Yoochun has to “talk about Ji Min Noona more”.

“It is really surprising to read from the news that Ji Min noona does not see me as younger than she is. I did not hear her say so once during the filming of the drama. It is amazing to know that noona has this thought. I only cared about acting and did not put much thought into our age difference. The chemistry did not only exist between noona and me. Wasn’t she compatible with other male actors while acting with them? This is where noona’s charm lies in, the great chemistry created between her and all the male actors.”


In fact, that is the reason why there are talks about how compatible Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min seem, or else how can we hear people asking them to “be together”.

“Noona is a person who is very considerate for others. I know how good we look when I saw the pictures I took with noona. However, if I develop interest for her just because of the care Noona gives me, it’d make acting seem unnatural. The owner of the hair salon suspected that there was something between me and noona but the staffs refuted that there was absolutely nothing between us.”

From this, we can say, the “love affair” with Han Jinmin is pure fiction. But as a man, an ideal girlfriend is still expected.

“I will go public if I really have a relationship. I have had this kind of thoughts before, which makes it more difficult to find a girlfriend. Such thoughts become stronger with the death of my father. If I can encounter a girl that I can bring to my father’s grave, I will reveal her to the public. I will go public before the scandal breaks. I will deliberately go on dates around news agencies, or at places such as Jongno, Sangam, or Yeongdeungpo, for the public to find out about my relationship. But I believe my partner will be more cautious.”

The undue favor for him is noticeable, especially from his numerous ‘Auntie Fans’. Broadly speaking, I (the reporter) am one of his ‘auntie fans’ as well.

“What is surprising is that there are auntie fans everywhere around the country, who really love me dearly. When I was little, I was not popular among my peers, but I was particularly popular among noonas and mums. That was probably because I liked to aeygo a lot. But I’m indeed the kind of person who likes noonas. They have more profound thoughts about their life and values. I think women are most beautiful over the age of 30. That is when women looks the most feminine and charming.”


What is the thing that you want to do the most in your busy life?

“I want to go to Cannes with my brother Yoohwan. This is my little, little goal. It can’t get better than the chance for me and my brother to go to Cannes together. I was really glad and satisfied to attend the Paeksang Arts Awards with my brother. It would be really interesting if we can go to Cannes and take pictures together. My brother, whose English is better than mine, can be the translator.”

Is there anything you want to say about your brother?

“I feel grateful to see Yoohwan doing so well. We cannot meet often at home. The way he works with his own strength and not by his brother’s strength makes me feel good. Not only efforts, we have seen the results, haven’t we? Cute, right? After earning some more, I will set my mind at rest and attend the military service. I often joke about having to ask Yoohwan for pocket money during my military service.”

“I am putting a lot of thoughts into thing nowadays. I’d like to get back to work at the end of June. I’d like to have a busier life with heavier workload. I’d be over 30 years old after the completion of my military service. However, there are some dramas that you can only act in while you are in your twenties. So, I’ll make decisions on what I’d be working on soon, be it movies, TV drama, or stage plays, before the end of the year.”

We’d probably see Park Yoochun again very soon. “Yoochun sickness” may be prevalent again in fall or in winter. I feel happy to be able to write a report about him that makes all of us delighted.

Source: obsnews
Translated By: mandragore of JYJ3
Korean to Chinese Translation: Grace@韓社
Shared By: JYJ3

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