[INTERVIEW] 120605 Park Yoochun, Proud of The Friendship With Junsu and Jaejoong, “Indeed A JYJ Member”‏


Park Yoochun ended his character as Lee Gak who time-travelled from Joseon Dynasty to modern day Seoul in SBS drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ on the 24th May, after displaying his excellent acting.

On the 30th May in a restaurant at Yeoiudo, Park Yoochun had his interview with our reporter, and talked about Kim Jaejoong who is currently acting in MBC’s weekend drama ‘Dr Jin’ and Kim Junsu who just released his new solo album ‘XIA-Tarantallegra’, cheering up the both of them.

Park Yoochun expressed, “When Junsu said that he is going to release an album, I said, ‘It has to be released no matter what. It is such a good chance.’ His singing skills has been honed through the previous appearances in musicals thus I believed that he can do well for his album.”

“On the day of the release of his MV, I watched it late night and had a shock. So handsome, so unique. I had a proud feeling of ‘As expected of a JYJ member’.”

He also talked about Kim Jaejoong who is challenging historical drama for the first time in ‘Dr Jin’. Recently, there are comments on similarity of Jaejoong’s ancient accent in ‘Dr Jin’ and Park Yoochun’s accent in ‘Sungkyungkwan Scandal’ and ‘Rooftop Prince’.

To this, Park Yoochun explained, “I have yet to watch ‘Dr Jin’ but I didn’t especially gave him any specific acting skills or experiences. Every actor has his own values. I felt that one have to portray it with own’s uniqueness through own experiences and that’s what a true actor should do.”

“All I can pass to him are technical experiences like getting good camera angles, lighting angles etc. But even if I didn’t tell these to him, the filming director will tell him too. Thus there’s no necessity to pass any experiences.”

Lastly Park Yoochun said, “Due to constraint in activities and thus we can’t have any singer activities, I am very glad that we are able to stand firm on a television screen. Hopefully our singer-activities ban can be lifted.”

Source: asiatoday
Translated By: rachui@sharingyoochun
Shared By: SYC + JYJ3 

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