[INTERVIEW] 120605 Park Yoochun: “Thanks to ‘Solo’ singer Kim Junsu, JYJ is shining.” ③

[Goodbye! Crown Prince – Park Yoochun Interview ③] Thanks to ‘Solo’ singer Kim Junsu, JYJ is shining.”


JYJ Park Yoochun exclaimed over Kim Junsu’s solo album activities.

On May 31, in an interview with our reporters, Park Yoochun said “If Junsu was born in the US, he would create an uproar. He is someone who fits perfectly the title ‘Asia’s number one’.”

After releasing his solo album ‘XIA-Tarantallegra’, Kim Junsu has started his Asia tour with the concerts in Seoul. Park Yoochun said “Because of ‘Rooftop Prince’, I haven’t attended Junsu’s concert yet. After checking my schedule, I will go to one of his overseas concerts.”

When hearing about the plan for Kim Junsu’s solo album, all other JYJ members positively supported the idea. Park Yoochun explained “While doing my individual activities, I couldn’t show the musical side of me and in the music industry, I couldn’t express freely my music too so there is always a regretful feeling in my heart. As soon as I heard about the plan for Junsu’s solo album, I have rushed him into preparing and releasing it.”


Furthermore, Park Yoochun showed his strong trust “When I look at Junsu’s solo album, I feel as if my thrist was quenched. As he is working hard, he will give off a different feeling from when we work together as a group so my heart is full of pride and anticipation”. In addition, Park Yoochun smiled and said “No one else would be able to do as well as Junsu is doing. Therefore, it seems that JYJ will shine even more.”

Then doesn’t Park Yoochun have a plan for his own solo album as well? Park Yoochun said “Since I was still in TVXQ under SM-Entertainment, I have had the desire to release it for once”. He explained “I want to produce my own album where the songs will be filled with my lifestory like 015B and Yoo Jaeha sunbae-nim. Later when there is a chance, I will definitely release an album like that”.

“First of all, I will have to see what I need to have in order to advance further and further. After that, I will make my decision and work on what I want one by one.”


Source: Starnews
Translated By: SweetieXiah of JYJ3
Shared By: JYJ3

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