[NEWS] 120604 Dr Jin’s Kim Jaejoong, after being beaten, ‘our Jaejoongie’ receives everyone’s love?

Kim Jaejoong who is shooting his first historical drama, demonstrates his charm on the set.

In the drama, Kim Jaejoong plays the illegitimate son of Kim Byeonghee (Kim Eunsoo). He is a cold person with expert martial arts skills. Due to his identity, he was looked down upon by both father and his legitimate son, Kim DaeHyun (Kim Myeongsu) who slapped and kicked him thus suffering from humiliation.

However, the treatment Jaejoong receives is very different on set. His father, Kim Eunsoo calls him “my youngest son” and gives him advice on every scene. Even Kim Myeongsu, after kicking and slapping Kyung Tak, ran over to Jaejoong , hugged him and said, “Our Jaejoongie is hurt…how?…”

One of the staff said, “Kim Jaejoong is always the first one to arrive on set, always gives his best. Thus, earning the affection of the senior actors and crew. We call him “our Jaejoongie”.”

His agency said, He seems to befriend everyone and has good relations with the actors and crew and provides good shooting atmosphere.

On the other hand, Episodes 3 and 4 of Dr Jin were aired last weekend. Kim Jaejoong gave a stable performance portraying pain and emotional distress.

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[NEWS] 120604  ’Dr. Jin’ Kim Jaejoong, “Our Jaejoong-ah” Is Doted Upon 

Challenging period drama for the first time through ‘Dr. Jin’, Kim Jaejoong is doted upon on set.
In the drama, Kim Jaejoong plays Kim Byunghee’s illegitimate child; though he is skilled in martial arts and has outstanding abilities, but because of his status as an illegitimate son, he has received much ridicule and insult, even from his brother.

However, it is completely opposite on the set, Jaejoong is very loved by all the actors and staff. Kim Eungsoo, who plays Jaejoong’s father, always addresses Jaejoong as “my son” or “maknae” and always encourages Jaejoong on set. And the brother, Kim Myungsoo, ran over to Jaejoong after the kicking scene and hugged him, saying, “our Jaejoong was kicked and in pain, what should I do?”, and offered him much love and care.

Staff members on the production team expressed, “Jaejoong is always the first person to arrive on the set and giving his all. He won all the love from the sunbae, which is completely different from the drama; in reality everyone addresses him as ‘our Jaejoong-ah’.”

The company mentioned, “a strong bond has formed between all the actors, since the main filming location takes around 250 to 300 steps of stairs to get to and the actors don’t want to run up and down all the time, so they got familiar with each other very quickly. The atmosphere on the set became really great too, they will present really great acting skills in the future also.

On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong detailedly expressed his sincerity and love towards his father in the scene where he held Kim Byunghee’s hand. In addition, he also caught audience’s attention through showing his martial art skills when protecting his fiancee as well as the embrace afterwards.

Moving forward, how he will position himself towards Youngrae’s careless actions and the tension between he and Jin Hyuk’s relationship, please anticipate!

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