[NEWS] 120604 Park Yoochun, Began his acting career slightly unawares of how to act…now he has finally grasped “the taste” of acting

■ SBS Drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ Park Yoochun

• At present has acted (sweated) over two other roles

• Through his character interpretations he has shown remarkable improvement in his performances

• He wishes to challenge himself by acting as a psychopath (in his next piece)

There is a lot to be said about the drama “Rooftop Prince.” It was a properly performed drama with just the right amount of feeling…it can be called a comforting drama during tough times.

Before the drama began, there was increasingly much talk over the unexpected death of Park Yoochun’s father. However Yoochun overcame such trials from episode 1 up to episode 20 and was able to “successfully complete” the drama without fail. Viewers who saw his performance were left with a deep impression.

In SBS “Rooftop Prince,” Park Yoochun played the “double role” of Joseon era’s Crown Prince Lee Gak as well as present day’s Yong TaeYong. Up to the drama’s conclusion, the drama was able to tell a light-hearted story.

“From the early stages of filming up to the extremely tight rap up of episode 20, I am glad we finished without any accidents. Personally, I have a bit more affection for this drama compared to the others. I was already moved when I received the drama proposal and so I felt even better when the drama finished well.”

Debuting in the drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” Yoochun started off not really aware of how to perform/act. However, since ‘Rooftop Prince,’ he has discovered the fun of properly acting. Though it was a miracle that each episode was broadcasted on time despite a tight schedule, the actors’ teamwork/sportsmanship was better than ever. They naturally received adlibs from one another and responded in kind without breaking a sweat (getting out of character). […]

For this drama, Yoochun was able to make the character his own. Using inarticulate modern day language, Yoochun’s character Lee Gak’s English was even more unspeakable. Naturally because he came from Joseon era he was not used to the language. Thus, instead of pronouncing “Omurice” and “Ice Bar” correctly, they came out slightly wrong-“Omurice-su” and “Ice-su Bar.” […]

Also, Lee Gak and Yong TaeYong’s character was distinguished by glasses. When Yoochun wore glasses he was acting the part of Taeyong and when he took them off he was acting the part of Lee Gak. However, because Yong Taeyong wanted to reach out to Bak Ha whom he personally liked so much (though she loved Lee Gak) Yong Taeyong chose not to wear glasses.

The person whom Bak Ha met at the end…exactly who was he? There were diverse responses- however Yoochun said that it was “100% Yong Taeyong.” In the original script Bak Ha was not supposed to recognize Lee Gak’s presence- however rather than cutting out one of the two characters, in the end, the script was written so that Bak Ha would be able to feel a sense of Lee Gak in Taeyong.

The tears that came during the kiss scene and confession with Bak Ha weren’t really formed out of a feeling of love. In the end, the confession and tears came as a result of the sad reality that “the Rooftop Prince and his trio” had to return back to the Joseon period. Park Yoochun explained that such painful reality naturally brought on his tears.

“When I look back at how I acted and see that viewers somehow have reacted with similar response, I am most proud. It was then that I felt the most joy.”

Now, with an understanding of the “fun of acting,” Yoochun wishes to play more roles— a psycho, murderer, etc. (especially criminal roles) Whether it is due to makeup, lighting, angle or simply acting alone, Yoochun wishes to become an actor with such impressive acting ability that people will be able to dominate the acting scene and be considered for important roles.

“From now on I’d like to try a variety of roles. However, amongst those roles if there is a medical drama, I’d like to participate in it. As Yong Taeyong I did have a scene in the hospital where it actually took around 6 hours to film…I sensed that filming medical dramas would be pretty tough. If there is an opportunity I’d like to have a role in a medical drama. Ha Ha”


Kim SeoHyun is a child actress who starred alongside Park Yoochun in “Rooftop Prince”. Yoochun said of her, “If I had such a younger sister that would have been great. If I also had a daughter just like her that would also be great.”

Though his words of “wanting a younger sister” may have just been a wish, in reality Yoochun’s mother had once considered adoption.

“It seemed that because I was really busy my mom was getting a little depressed. In reality, two years ago my mother confessed that she was considering adopting a girl. I was in favor of the adoption however in the end it did not seem to work out due to an irresponsible person (the other party’s side. […]

Source: Focus
Translated by: Buniu of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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