[NEWS] 120604 Park Yoochun “I feel comforted by acting the role Lee Gak…Tears already gushed from my eyes while reheasing for the ending scene.”

After reading the script for 19th and 20th episode, I have expected the drama would be ranked first in viewer ratings.”

Park Yoochun (27) has acted the role of Josun Crown Prince ‘Lee Gak’ in SBS drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ which claimed the first place in ratings and surpassed other dramas in the same time plot in the close battle of Wed-Thurs dramas. As a member of the group JYJ, after ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ and ‘Miss Ripley’ followed by his third time he appeared in drama, he has proved that not only he has singing and dancing skills but he also possesses an acting ability that is deemed perfect for a well-prepared ‘Acting-dol’.

In the latest interview took place at Euljiro Seoul, Park Yoochun talked about the lingering feelings for the drama after it has ended “It is good that I was absorded in the role ‘Lee Gak’. I have an attachment for this drama more than any other one before and it made my heart feel at ease. The atmosphere between the staff and actors is the best. It was the first time I had such a good time while filming for a drama.”

When the filming has just begun, Park Yoochun’s father passed away and it was the hardest time he has ever gone through but somehow, though the comic act in the drama, his sorrow was eased. “Acting becomes my console so the more I was immersed in acting, the more I feel comforted. As I fell more and more in my role, I felt comforted through that character”. Except for the time he was in tears while being in his car after spending all night shooting for the drama, tears from his personal sad story can never be seen on his face.


He said he liked the last scene in episode 19 the most. Ever since he received the script, it has become his favorite part. It is the scene where Lee Gak and Park Ha bid farewell at their wedding as Lee Gak gradually dissapears and returns to the Josun era. “I was already in tears when rehearsing for the scene. The staff and the director also cried. I feel proud that I have acted with all my heart and the feeling of separation from each other strucked me too. Even though it was filmed in a rush, I felt satisfied.”

Also, he smiled and said “My hand was supposed to fade away first while I was wiping tears on Park Ha’s face but when I watched the broadcast, my body vanished first so I was a bit confused. The hand should be the last part to fade away.”


It was only the third time Park Yoochun acted in drama. Before his first drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, a 3-week acting class was all he took to study acting. His first debut in acting received more attentiont than expected. Because of the burden and pressure to show another different side from his previous drama, in the middle of shooting for the second drama ‘Miss Ripley’, he has even thought of giving up. However, in his third drama, he can naturally add his own ad-libs while acting. He still felt regret and said “While reading my lines, I also practiced the action that would match the lines so my acting became more natural. But whenever I made eye contact with Sukwon hyung ( Jung Sukwon who acts the role ‘Yongsul’), there would be lots of NG, a lot of my ad-libs were not broadcasted too”.

Furthermore, “Acting as Yong Taeyong who is in a coma at the hospital was very hard. I used to have interest in medical drama but it seems that I won’t be able to do well in it. Acting as if the pupils of my eyes don’t focus on anything was really hard because I must not blink at all and keep my eyes open all the time. At first, I kept bugging “Should I just close my eyes…”. After that, he joked “At the beginning, as I must use a long wig for the role Lee Gak, it was so uncomfortable but just when I started feeling that this wig fit me so perfectly, I had to take it off.”


Park Yoochun’s younger brother also follows him to become an actor and JYJ’s Jaejoong is currently acting in MBC fusion historical drama ‘Dr.Jin’ too, but because Park Yoochun was so busy, he didn’t have free time to monitor at all. He said “At home, I came accross Yoohwan’s drama (MBC daily drama ‘I can’t live without you’) accidentally and watched its last 10 minutes. As Yoohwan’s face was shown at the ending, I showed my interest by telling him that I saw him appeared at the ending. I am not a type that would gives special advices, nor did i think that I did better than him because I started acting ealier”. About Kim Jaejoong’s acting, he complimented “I only got to watch the 30-second highlight but just like in ‘Protect the boss’, he delivered strong feelings perfectly. I only heard him saying one word but I think he got the tone well.”

He said “As wandering around is bothersome to me, when we went to South America for our concert, while those two (Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu) were wandering around, I stayed in my hotel room and watched the Japanese version of ‘Dr.Jin’. At that time, I didn’t know Jaejoong would take which role in it.”


Due to the naturally intimate chemistry between Park Yoochun and the female lead Han Jimin who acted as Park Ha, the viewers start questioning and wonder ‘Are these two really not dating each other?’. When talking about this, he said he is always thankful for Han Jimin’s kindness “Jimin noona is like a noona-next-door to me. Her personality is bubbly and bright so it’s more comfortable to be a dongsaeng.I feel like we have known each other for a really long time.”

Park Yoochun is spending his birthday on June 4 in Bali, Indonesia for a photoshoot. Because of the schedule such as JYJ’s overseas concert etc, he doesn’t remember the last time he spent his birthday in Korea. He is planning to take a break after finishing all the schedules including fansign events etc.

Source: Heraldm
Translated by: SweetieXiah of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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