[NEWS] ‘Come To Play’ inexplicably edits out all Park Yoochun related stories

MBC ‘Come To Play’ production team’s decision to edit out all of actress Kim So Hyun‘s story about actor Park Yoochun is being heavily criticized by the viewers.

MBC had announced through its press release on the 4th that the friendship stories of Kim So Hyun and Park Yoochun would be told on the upcoming episode of ‘Come To Play’. However on the broadcast the story of Park Yoochun was nowhere to be found.

According to the press release, Kim So Hyun spoke about Park Yoochun whom she has met through the drama ‘Rooftop Prince’, “Yoochun oppa calls me with the cheesiest names when he sends me texts.” Kim So Hyun revealed that Park Yoochun calls her ‘Princess’ and all the female guests were envious of her.

Kim So Hyun took the issue onto her twitter page, “What is this? I wonder why they’ve edited out all of (Park) Yoochun oppa’s story on the program. I wanted to tell many fun stories about Yoochun oppa… the last moments of my birthday feels bitter.”

Kim So Hyun did the next best thing and told the story herself, “It was the first time I met Yoochun oppa, he came out of the green room wearing a red training suit and a white sleeveless shirt while scratching his belly. Huk! Momentarily shocked. I found my ideal type. He looked cool even then. ‘Come To Play’ follow-up”, and she revealed the story she told on the program.

After ‘Come To Play’ had aired many viewers expressed displeasure on MBC’s viewers’ board about the decision to edit out Park Yoochun’s story even though had they announced before the broadcast that his story would be told.

Source: NewsEN via Nate
Credit: kpopfever | Edited by: JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

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