[NEWS] 120606 JYJ-“Entertainment/Music program Out-casts” Just exactly how long will they be excluded from being able to perform as artists?

The issue of JYJ being out-casted on air/broadcast programs has once again become a hot-button topic.

On June 4th’s broadcast of MBC “Come to Play,” child actress Kim Sohyun (who made an appearance on the program) took to her personal twitter and wrote “What is this? Why were the parts where I talked about Yoochun oppa edited out? I wanted to let everyone know about many interesting stories with Yoochun oppa. My birthday has ended bitterly.” On the 5th, Park Yoochun responded back via twitter, “Sohyun-ah thank you! Don’t be depressed, be strong Princess!”


In response to this controversy, the producers of “Come to Play” responded, “There were a lot of parts that exceeded the broadcast allotted time. Thus, there was nothing we could do but edit parts out.” It has already been 2 years since the members of JYJ started releasing albums under the group name JYJ. However, the situation is such that even until now they are unable to freely make an appearance on music/entertainment broadcasts.

Ever since JYJ was formed, fans’ frustration and disappointment (towards entertainment/music programs for editing out or preventing JYJ from making appearances on shows) are constant occurrences.

Even though Park Yoochun’s planned appearance on a program was canceled the eve of recording, an entertainment program that even normally promoted its own (broadcast station’s) dramas unusually showed only Yoochun’s legs when publicizing his drama—despite him being the lead role (for a drama on the same broadcast station). Even when entertainment news programs broad-cast clips of Kim Junsu’s FC MEN team during soccer games, Junsu’s face was completely edited out.

JYJ’s official music videos are naturally difficult to see on TV.

In May, Kim Junsu’s new song “Tarantallegra” created a sensation by achieving an all-kill on various music charts, selling over 100,000 copies pre-order alone, achieving Top 10 on Billboard World Music Division, etc. However, on TV there was absolutely no way to hear news of it. On a similar note, during the press conference for the release of his new album, Kim Junsu said, “I had to keep in mind the fact that I would not be able to have any broadcast activities.”

However, unlike music/entertainment programs, it isn’t as difficult to see JYJ in dramas.

In the recently finished SBS Wed-Thur drama “Rooftop Prince,” Park Yoochun acted as the main lead. Currently Kim Jaejoong is acting in his first historical piece in MBC weekend drama “Dr.Jin”. When it comes to news related to Hallyu Fever, JYJ has given many interviews. It seems that in dramas JYJ are able to appear as main leads and in news they are equally as influential. However, the “toxic” music and entertainment programs are the only places where it is impossible to see their faces. That is why the nickname “Entertainment/Music (program) Outcasts” came into fruition.

(T/N -The following is simply summaries of the remaining article):

JYJ’s original participation (and sudden cancellation) as representatives for Jeju Island’s 7 wonders was also cause for frustration and disappointment from fans.

JYJ are naturally aware of the situation (inability to appear on TV broadcast). Just recently on the 4th, Kim Junsu took to his twitter in regards to the 6th Musical Awards, “Today I received the popularity award and sang on live broadcast- but it again was for musical…still I was happy.”

However, despite this, producers continually say it was not because of external pressure. Their argument is that such is the nature of broadcasting. Things will be edited/cut out due to timing or certain other situations/circumstances and that it cannot be helped.

[Translator’s note: I’m sure everyone thinks these producers are talking bull-sh*t]

Source: Newsen
Translated By: Buniu of JYJ3
Shared By: JYJ3

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