[NEWS] 120608 JYJ’s Junsu shows support for Jaejoong’s drama ‘Dr. Jin’


JYJ‘s Junsu has shown his support for fellow member Jaejoong‘s drama!

On June 8th, Junsu wrote on his Twitter, “I finished watching the episodes of ‘Dr. Jin’ that I was behind on… They were so fun~ ^^ Jaejoong hyung is so cool~!!”

Jaejoong is currently starring as ‘Kim Kyung Tak’ in MBC‘s drama, ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘, and earning favorable reviews for his ability to accurately express the emotions behind his character’s pain as the illegitimate son and his values as someone from the upper class.

Netizens commented back, “I’m supporting him as well”, “What would’ve ‘Dr. Jin’ done if ‘Kim Kyung Tak’ wasn’t there”, “His stage charisma has been transferred to the small screen”, and “All of the JYJ members seem to be at their peak”.

Credit: allkpop
Source + Photos: Junsu’s Official Twitter
Shared By: JYJ3

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