[NEWS] 120612 Kim Bum Soo vs Heo Gak vs Kim Jaejoong…Drama OST “War of the Stars”

The drama OST market these days is reminiscent of a battleground. Of the OSTs for dramas currently being broadcasted, the vocals of acclaimed singers have been heavily involved in every one.

MBC’s weekend drama “Dr. Jin” has caught the attention of viewers by having an OST track “Living Like a Dream” being sung by one of the stars, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong.

OST tracks can be an important source of revenue for a singer as well as working to boost their reputation, so there is always competition among dramas to choose the best artists to work on their OSTs. In some cases, OST tracks can top the weekly music charts and help boost the popularity of a drama more than 40%.

[T/N: Parts not concerning Jaejoong omitted]

SourceStar In View | Translation by: Yule @ PrinceJJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ
Please take out with full credits.

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